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  • Papas Trashy Fish Bread from mintymommybee in Anderson, IN.
    I know this sounds bad, but I would not post it if I hadn't been so surprised to want seconds (and thirds) of it myself... & t...
  • Hoosier Mamas Meal from mintymommybee in Anderson, IN.
    my mom makes this every summer when the green beans come on. I'm not much of a meat and potatoes type, but I have brought leftove...
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Pumpkin Pie from mintymommybee in Anderson, IN.
    I like my pumpkin pie to be a little something other than the usual and I like it year round! This is more of an idea than a re...
  • Date and Orange Salad w feta and pistachio from mintymommybee in Anderson, IN.
    Not sure where I got this recipe, but love to make it around holidays. I use blood oranges if it's February. white balsamic vine...
  • Goats Milk Panna Cotta with Warm Honey from mintymommybee in Anderson, IN.
    I love milk and honey! Especially a good fresh from the farm goats milk and raw honey. Please let me know what kind of fruit top...
  • Wood Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes from mintymommybee in Anderson, IN.
    Yum! these are the best campfire food besides marshmallows... or served buttered with roasted marshmallows!...
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  • choppie 5 years ago about Slumgulium
    I was so surprised to find slumgulium! I thought that my family made that name up! We use macaroni instead of rice, and tomato soup instead of sauce, but otherwise it is the same...but then perhaps these are big changes...anyway, perhaps it is the region. My parents were from Pittsburgh, and if you are close to there, it could just be a regional thing. Wow, great to see this, it is a great, inexpensive, and filling family meal.
  • elgourmand 5 years ago about the easiest way to feed corn to kids
    Great idea. Used to sneak out to the garden and make off with a few ears of corn to eat this way. Thanks. RJ
  • annieamie 6 years ago about Easy Summer Pineapple frozen Berry salad you have to try
    You can't go wrong with this easy salad! Thanks for posting it!
  • unicorn4 6 years ago about koshari
    Sounds fantastic we love lentils, cant wait to make your dish. Well done and Thank you...
  • notyourmomma 6 years ago about Date and Orange Salad w feta and pistachio
    Dates and pistachios are a match made in Heaven. Delicious.
  • mamalou 7 years ago
    Happy to accept your friend invitation!!
  • gottschacookin4real 7 years ago
    Ok -- so these recipes you've submitted, you've made? Just curious...I had no idea my friend was just as throw-it-together as I am...yet another wonderful purplie trait!! I fear this will become my facebook for foodies...argh...just what I need, another addiction.
  • queenmidge 7 years ago
    hey ! i am actually in anderson too ...i am not sure why i have madison on there LOL! we are in greenbriar ...if you are nearby we should meet out at broadway mcdonalds for coffee and recipe swapping sometime !
    - QM
  • thegoldminer 7 years ago
    Mintymommybee 4 days, 6 hours ago said:
    Mmm, I love kerrygold! love a good butter! can't wait to get to the farm where I get it so I can make these! The ones with pecans look frosted... am I right and with what? thinking I might use these to sandwich some homemade honey ice cream...... Hi, all the cookies were cooked the same. They might look frosted but it is probably just the sugar on the edges of the cookie and the wonderful color and texture of the dough. OK, that was recipe with the question. Glad to help even though it took a few days. JJ
  • blueeyes68ky 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking friend.
  • lanijoy 7 years ago
    Hi there...thanks for feedback on the cheese bread. I think I'm going to love your recipes as well. lanijoy
  • gindot 7 years ago
    I totally agree with your comments about the foodbank on the group page. I just went to a foodbank the other day because we needed food and my husband is healing from surgery. I have never had to go before but always heard bad things about it. I was in shock at all the good food that normally would be thrown away.
    Thanks for starting such a great group!
  • thegoldminer 7 years ago
    Hi, I have enjoyed all your comments on so many of my recipes. I have been very busy and my laptop is getting a lot of music put on it for my IPOD and it is what I usually use to work on GR. As you have seen and read, I post recipes I have made or cooked, how else could I say it tasted good or bad. Most of mine are simple dishes that taste exactly like you would expect. There are long periods between posts as I am not in any type of silly race to see how many I can post on this site for some type of number standing. Here to learn and give back on food, GR is not a contest to me. Please enjoy all my posts and I am always available for questions on food or taking pics of food. JJ I will answer your questions on a couple of the recipes later. Cute pics of the kids.
  • shirleyoma 7 years ago
    LOL I love prunes also, hope you try my cake... hugssssssssss
  • shirleyoma 7 years ago
    Glad you enjoyed 'About honey and Cinnamon, love them both.. take care and have fun cooking! many hugssssssssss