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  • Creamy Potato Soup from monica26 in Cleveland, OH.
    I was craving potato soup but couldn't find a recipe I wanted to use, so I made up my own!...
  • Sandwich Steak Stroganoff from monica26 in Cleveland, OH.
    I wanted to make beef stroganoff and had a lot of sandwich steaks in the freezer, so I decided to try to use the sandwich steaks i...
  • Five Cheese Ziti from monica26 in Cleveland, OH.
    My sister and I developed this dish in an attempt to clone one of our favorite dishes from an Italian restaurant. It's pretty eas...
  • Ultimate Grilled Cheese from monica26 in Cleveland, OH.
    This is a recipe I came up with after having something similar at a local restaurant. It's definitely not health food... but boy ...
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  • kristopher 5 years ago
    I see that you couldn't post earlier, but now can. There have been a few bugs that caused issues earlier. Leave a message in the help group if you have any more issues:
  • lovebreezy 6 years ago
    The VELVEETA group has hit 100 members! Thank you for being a part of it. If you haven't stopped by lately, there are so many recipes now -- come take a peek, again.
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    You should be able to get it in Lowe's or Home Depot . We have acouple of local places that sell it also!
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    Monica,I can sympathize with the way you feel about your garde. We have deer problems also. They ate off the tops of several tomato plants and Phil finally put up deer netting,even thought it makes it harder to weed and pick. We have problems ever year with them,wood chucks,squirrels. It's like an animal farm out there. I am so sorry about your pepper plants!
  • mattsbelly 6 years ago about Sandwich Steak Stroganoff
    Just curious. I would like to make this but I'm not sure how thick a sandwich steak is. I have shave beef (very thin), would this work? Thanks!
  • trigger 7 years ago about Creamy Potato Soup
    This sounds terrific to me I love potatoes every which way especially creamy soup like this one.
    Five forks and a smile :)
  • leebear 7 years ago about Sandwich Steak Stroganoff
  • babskitchen 7 years ago
    Monica - left you a message over on the board.
  • leebear 7 years ago about Ultimate Grilled Cheese
    If you're going to have a grilled cheese this is the way to go!thanks for the recipe. - leebear-
    p.s. thanks for being my friend!
  • razorfamilyfarms 7 years ago
    Thank you for being my cooking buddy!!!

  • lovestohost4 7 years ago
    Hi! The "MVP of Any Party Dip" works just as well w/ranch, too!
  • madmommy 7 years ago
    Welcome to GR Monica!
    Thrilled to have you as a cooking buddy! The grilled cheese was just awesome - definitely a fast favorite...
    looking forward to sharing more recipes with you...
    Hope you have an amazing day!
    P.S. Is that some of your artwork?? They're all gorgeous!! I love the waterfall one...
  • turtle66 7 years ago
    Hola to my new cookin' buddy :)
  • monica26 7 years ago about Ultimate Grilled Cheese
    lol. I try to only make this a couple times a year b/c they're so unhealthy, but I think about making them a lot more often than that! lol
  • mrtnzangel8 7 years ago
    Love that grilled cheese...welcome to the group!