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  • Premier Cheesecake Cranberry Bars from mrsc543 in North Reading, MA.
    I have not tried these yet but they sounded delicious and I plan to make them for my Thanksgiving dessert table. I found this rec...
  • Creamy Crescent Cheese Braids from mrsc543 in North Reading, MA.
    This recipe from Pillsbury makes a great snack with a cup of coffee. It is reminiscent of a danish. The braided effect makes it...
  • Sesame Seed Cookies from mrsc543 in North Reading, MA.
    These yummy goodies are the same as those you find on a tray of Italian cookies. My family has been making them for generations....
  • Crunchy Praline Pie from mrsc543 in North Reading, MA.
    I don't remember where I got this recipe, but it is really delicious. the prep time does not reflect the 4 hours of chill time....
  • Regal Cranberry Cheesecake from mrsc543 in North Reading, MA.
    As a cheesecake lover, this caught my eye. It would make a nice addition to a Thanksgiving dessert table. This recipe comes cour...
  • White Bean Turkey Chili with Corn Bread Dumplings from mrsc543 in North Reading, MA.
    I found this is November issue of Better Homes and Gardens. This looked like an easy and tasty solution to serving the leftover T...
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  • RosannaL 1 month ago about Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies
    ONE IMPORTANT CORRECTION: This is a classic recipe from the 1950s, originally found on the back of a C&H Powdered Sugar box. I enjoyed these as kid!
    The original recipe called for 1 Tablespoon lemon juice and 2 teaspoons lemon zest.
    I made them following the amounts listed above and immediately knew something was not right. I located the original box cut-out at my mom's house and found the discrepancy. If you have made these and enjoyed them, don't wait, make them again with the correct amounts. They will be even better! Enjoy!
  • mominapex 1 year ago about Sesame Seed Cookies
    After reading the great ratings, I decided to try them. I was unhappy with the results. To say they were a total flop would be unfair, they baked well. However, they do not taste like authentic bene (sesame) seed cookies. Coming from an Italian family with a dad who was an Italian/American baker, these don't make the cut. I have been looking for a good recipe since my dad passed, and I do not have his recipe. My search continues.....
  • Ducky250 3 years ago about Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies
    How are you supposed to see all of the ingredients when the message about comparing recipes hides some of them?
  • modelsmom 4 years ago about Chicken Ruby
    I made this and never commented on how it came out (shame on me!). It was SO delicious - my husband and I loved it. Unfortunately, the flavor was too strong for the kids. But I'm keeping the recipe for when they're both out at sleepovers or something!
  • tuddles8 5 years ago about Quick and Easy Popovers
    Tried last nite. They were so easy and yummy! Wonderful change to the ordinary dinner roll. My daughter suggested next time I experiment with stuffing them with spinach and cheese mixture next time after they come out. I guess it would have to be like a hot spinach or artichoke dip to fill the bottom of popover with. Thanks for this easy and yummy recipe!
  • theoldprof 5 years ago
    Doo, de doo-dooooo! Sorry, that's my version of a fanfare, you know trumpets and the like. Just had to tell you that your friend valinkenmore has nominated you for an award. To view this distinction you have to go to to defend yourself. Please feel free to join the group, nominate others, or just noodle around. It's all for fun.
  • lexluv101 6 years ago
    Hope your mother is better soon! I wanted you to also know I love the Santa avatar, very fitting for the holidays
  • buttercup21 6 years ago
    hi, just wanted to let you know that i had my family christmas party which is always at my house. i made the baked rigatoni with ricotta and spinach and fontina cheese and everyone loved it. i am going to make it for my work christmas party. thanks for a great recipe. Happy Holidays Barbara
  • minitindel 6 years ago
    yay!!!!! save me more than a few LOL
    thank u
  • lanabade 6 years ago
    Thankyou for your nice comments and rating my blueberry receipe!
  • bakermanrooster 6 years ago
    Thanks for accepting my buddy invite and this is an awesome group of people and I will enjoy sharing recipes with you and chatting if you would like.
  • tablescape 6 years ago
    Regarding the garlic pasta, you are so welcome. Sometimes the very simplicity of a recipe speaks volumes. It appears that you cook from the heart and that, my new friend, speaks to your success.
  • hey_everyday 6 years ago
    Thanks for your message. As it happens, I narrowly missed spending another winter in the UK and have moved back home after almost 5 years there, so this summer will be extra special! Look forward to swapping recipes, although they may not be seasonal, but we can always archive for later! ;)
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    Thanks for the 5's on my recipes. I do appreciate it!!
  • jolielives 6 years ago
    Thank you, thank you Mrs 543. Greatly appreciated.
    Jo & Lee