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  • Spicy Thai Noodles from munchy in Souderton, PA.
    This is the easiest and most delicious recipe I've found for Thai Peanut Noodles. You can add things to it as it's versatile and ...
  • Cream of Asparagus Soup ala Dawn from munchy in Souderton, PA.
    Nice slightly sweet cream soup. Perfect for when that asparagus is in season and the price is nice!...
  • Mushroom amp Bell Pepper Salad from munchy in Souderton, PA.
    Great sounding salad variation from the VegNews magazine (May & June 2007 issue)...
  • Chocolate Chiffon Mousse Cupcakes from munchy in Souderton, PA.
    Super delicious looking cupcake recipe from the VegNews Magazine from May/June 2007 issue. Chocolate Heaven!...
  • Chili Base from munchy in Souderton, PA.
    Great chili starter recipe. As stated in the book, you can use this base as the foundation of your own chili recipe. (I found thi...
  • Sugar Roll Cookies from munchy in Souderton, PA.
    Great cut-from-a-roll cookies from the Marlboro Country Cookbook, "Morning Fires, Evening Lights" (Philip Morris, Inc, 1...
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  • deejaykay31 2 months ago about Favorite Vegan Blue Cheese Dressing
    Seriously, Dlayton66, you are clearly delusional about GMOs, and are obviously buying into the GMO 'feeding the world' spiel. Maybe you need to read some more information...
  • dlayton66 2 months ago about Favorite Vegan Blue Cheese Dressing
    JWin, GMOs are an incredibly beneficial technology with the potential to save billions of lives and dramatically improve nourishment in parts of the world where that is lacking. You are likely misinformed about their safety. All GMOs currently on the market have been tested extensively over decades, and scientific consensus on existing GMOs being safe is overwhelming. By spreading anti-GMO sentiment, it becomes less likely that GM technology receives the funding and legislation it needs to thrive, which, in a very real and direct way, leads to people dying. Let's not do things that lead to people dying. Thank you.
  • cpaulits 6 months ago about Spicy Thai Noodles
    I added Sriracha to make it spicy. Gave it a nice kick. 😊
  • cpaulits 6 months ago
    Hi Munchy,
    Looking forward to trying your blue cheese dressing recipe for my Buffalo cauliflower during Eagles games!
    Btw, moved from Hilltown Twp last year, right down the road from you! 😊
  • Jay53012 1 year ago about Spicy Thai Noodles
    Where does the "spicy" come from?
  • NPMarie 2 years ago about Baked Parsnips
    IMI review
    Baked Parsnips
  • FromAtoVegan 3 years ago
    Hi Mucnhy! I think we met earlier this year at the NY Veg Food Fest (in line, waiting to get in). I would love to connect with you since we're practically neighbors. Please contact me via my blog.
  • brianna 6 years ago
    Hi Munchy, Just got your invite & am hear to say thanks, I would love to be your cooking friend. You have some great recipes that I have already printed off to try. Although I'm not a vegetarian I hope we can find lots of recipes to share.
  • greekgirrrl 7 years ago
    Your photos are very sweet and I love the mouse ears veil!!
  • bluewaterandsand 7 years ago
    Hi Munchy, Congrats on your marriage! I wish you all the best. You sure don't look old enough to have grown kids.Also, Thanks for the comment on the Pea Salad. I hope you try them. I have ate them, this way since I was old enough to put a spoon in my mouth and that was many, many years ago, lol. Have a wonderful week! Teresa
  • mjcmcook 7 years ago
    Hello Dawn...(aka:Munchy)...
    I am so pleased that you accepted my invitation to be my 'Food Friend'!
    I look forward to more conversation and recipe sharing. I too, like really
    GOOD 'Veggie' you have any recipes that have lots of 'Fiber'?
    ~*~ mj ~*~
  • mjcmcook 7 years ago
    Good Morning...!
    YOU sound like a really Neat Gal...I like your attitude, of being the "Happiest Person" you know!
    My 'Motto' is..."I Have Everything I Need for JOY"...!
    I hope that you will be my 'Food Friend'?
    ~*~ mj ~*~
  • blueeyes68ky 7 years ago
    Thanks for being my cooking friend.
  • shepherdrescue 7 years ago
    Hi Munchy! Thanks for the invite and congratulations to you on the pending wedding! You have lots of great looking recipes. I agree with Mrgresch, you don't look nearly old enough to have been dating for 17 years or to have adult children! What's your recipe for that?! LOL
  • mrgresch 7 years ago
    You don't look old enough to have been dating the man you're marrying for 17 years. Did you guys start dating in gradeschool?
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