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  • victoriarejina 6 years ago
    Victoriarejina [EDIT] 1 minute ago said:
    And you still haven't answered the question of your switch from NV to VA. Why is that? And by the way,Fuzzy is right: you don't pick pumpkins for 2 hours at a grocery store you lying sack of hag. She's also right about the fact that you are on here for 12 hrs straight when any good mother would be sleeping (at least at some point) in order to be up for her kids. Don't bother setting your alarm joy marie just so you can get up at 8am and post. LIAR

    Victoriaregina 5 days, 19 hours ago said:
    Victoriaregina [EDIT] 0 minutes ago said:
    In answer to my very lesser half copycat victoriareJina)as to what happened to Nevada.
    As far as I know it's still where it always was. I didn't take it with me/ You need a map victoriarejina? I request again that you remove my avatar off your fake page. My name is not Joy Marie it is Vickie. And what is your name? You shouldn't use bad language on a social family site, but I must consider the source.

    You incompetent, I know where Nevada is and you damn well know that was not the question. You said you live in Las Vegas and now, suddenly, you live in Virginia? Do you think people would be so stupid as not to notice? Lies, Lies, Lies! Now you are at Langley..there are ways of finding these things out especially if you are on base using a computer with an internet connection that MUST be approved by the base itself. Everything there is monitored and trust me you would no longer be online saying the things you say about military action being taken against people at GR on your behalf, you stupid ninkempoop.
  • fearlessfosdick 6 years ago
    Like my shoe?
  • chefzilla 6 years ago
    Victoriaregina AKA mystic_river1 and 11: 1 month ago said:
    Victoriaregina [EDIT] 0 minutes ago said:
    I wish we had a forum to post on but this will have to do. I will post this on the appropriate sights.

    My turn:

    Equalizer is not me. He is a para-legal for my lawyer. He has been on this site gathering all your tasty little words to MR Mountainmama etc, etc, etc. When you picked me to decide I was MR. You picked the wrong person.You do not want me or my husband and family as your enemy.

    I asked you to stop, but you continued. He has every thread. EVERY THREAD. There will be a civil and possibly a military action taken against you.

    So keep on being nasty bullies and writing what you can and stealing pictures. The more we have the better

  • fuzzy 6 years ago
  • unicorn4 6 years ago about Chive and Lemon Potatoes
    I think your dish is a great way to get my children to try different foods and flavours. I will make your dish tomorrow night. Well done and Thank you.
  • unicorn4 6 years ago about Spaghetti With Eggplant And Zucchini
    Can't wait to make your dish. I know we will all love it as it sounds fantastic. Well done and Thank you....
  • californiacook 6 years ago
    Thank you for taking the time to view/rate/reply to my recent shared recipes. Enjoy :)
  • fishtrippin 6 years ago
    Thanks for the comment and rating! Will try tthe sour cream, and the bacon that minnie suggested!
  • rottman 6 years ago
    The small clams are a better choice. The cherrystones are a bit large for this (in my opinion). They're great for cooking, but not so great for snacking on.

    I was more than a bit surprised at the flavors of the vinegar, salt, and pepper dip. I'm more used to a pepper sauce, and this was quite pleasant. Enjoy. - and thanks for the comments.
  • tuilelaith 6 years ago
    Thank you for the great rating on the Strawberry mask. It does smell great. I have others if this one is not as much to you liking!!! Avocados are an acquired taste! LOL! pun intended....
    Thank you again for the great rating, I appreciate you.
  • hungrybear 6 years ago
    Thank for comments on the Turkey Chili Corn Bread Casseroles
  • hungrybear 6 years ago
    Thank for your nice comments and five on the Spicy Sausage Nachos and the Fried Pork Chops and Cream Gravy
  • lor 6 years ago about Spaghetti With Eggplant And Zucchini
    I'm not a huge eggplant fan but this recipe looks absolutely delicious. I like the smaller eggplants as opposed to the larger ones soooooo, I'm going to give this a try. I know the family will love this recipe. HIGH 5++++++++
  • juels 6 years ago about Ice Cream Wafers
    Looks and sounds wonderful!
  • mrsc543 6 years ago about Ice Cream Wafers
    Wonderful! Five forks from me.