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  • Cake Prague from nadya in Moscow, RU.
    This cake was invented by a restaurant pastry chef (restaurant Prague Old Arbat). The same chef invented Bird's milk cake, I put ...
  • Sauerkraut from nadya in Moscow, RU.
    Sauerkraut is one of the most used and favorite dishes. we can prepare the soup using sauerkraut (Shi) or added to salads, or ea...
  • Sochni Russian Pies With Cottage Chees from nadya in Moscow, RU.
    Sochni is traditional russian pies, has the half-moon form. I think a lot of people from Russia likes sochni. ...
  • Georgian Walnuts Cake from nadya in Moscow, RU.
    This cake from Georgia (it's very nice country near Black Sea, the Caucasus). It's very easy to prepare and good for taste. You ca...
  • Apple Strudel from nadya in Moscow, RU.
    I think it's classical recipe of strudel (in my opinion) :) Very important to do it on the tea-towel, because make roll without ...
  • Baked squash from nadya in Moscow, RU.
    This Italian recipe, and me and my friends like it a lot:)...
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  • crazycookinchick 4 years ago about Sauerkraut
    I've been looking for a recipe that doesn't call for a crap load of salt. This looks perfect. I have to go get more cabbage and see what happens!
  • shybrat67 4 years ago about Russian Chicken Home Made Noodle Soup - Lapsha
    i love this soup but cant find the noodles to make it please help
  • alinjonok 4 years ago about Russian Chicken Home Made Noodle Soup - Lapsha
    its actually tatar soup which became popular in all rrussia :-)
  • Krystyna 5 years ago about Borsh
    my grandmother makes the polish version and i dont care for it too much. This one looks delicious, i will definately try it! thanks!
  • Dyte 5 years ago about Kvas
    Does anyone know why it's so important to use glass or enamel bottles for this?
    The thing is, I'm making Kvas right now, but I was using another recipe. Basically it's the same, but it didn't say anything about the kind of bottles, so I'm using plastic bottles, the kvas is riping in them right now.
    Will it fail?
  • nzie 5 years ago
    I like Moscow very much. :)
  • ditty 6 years ago
    Hi Nadya - just came across your page and browsed your recipes - I will certainly be cooking up some of these - thanks!
  • artist92543 6 years ago
    Please be my friend as I have learned Europeans are much more acustomed to good food that Americans. I think it is because Americans are so affraid to use fat in thier cooking. My roots are from Chzeckoslovakia and Italy as well as Deutchland.
  • juels 6 years ago
    Султана - это изюм? Никогда не слышала этого слова до тебя! Очень интересно! Ну вот, теперь можно будет квас сделать!
  • thegoldminer 6 years ago
    So glad you are a friend. So sorry for taking so long, been really busy filling orders for my companies, cooking until 1:30 am last night, just too much going on now. Hope we get to chat soon. Best. JJ
  • trigger 6 years ago
    Hi, Nadya when I make your borsh recipe do you want me to photograph it and show you the pictures.
    I would be happy to do that for you if you like.
  • sweetstacks 6 years ago
    Hello Nadya,
    Thanks for being a food friend. I'm SweetStacks and we make the BEST gourmet pancakes. I'm offering all of my cooking buddies a FREE sample of our SweetStacks Gourmet Pancake mix. Just visit our website at and Request for a FREE Sample. We're confident you will enjoy them!
    Happy cooking!
    Kind regards,
    SweetStacks, Inc.
  • juels 6 years ago
    Надя, если вы не получили мои сообщения (ответы на ваши вопросы), дайте мне знать. Почему-то не указывается что сообщение отослалось.
  • cliffordbailey 7 years ago
    I Nadya I tried for the first time borsch soup and this was at a Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in sydney and I am stunned at the lovely taste I think it has cabbage but can not tell what else I will ask next wednesday and I will get the recipe for "sure" but what a lovely clean dish I will however give your recipe a go. meanwhile look forward to your reply Cheer's Cliff.
  • turtle66 7 years ago
    I like your pictures :)