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  • owenpaul 7 months ago about Chicken
    The ingredients and possibly the instructions have been deleted !!
  • karebearkas 2 years ago about Chicken
    If you do not wish to share any of your yummy recipes, why still be here? Kinda Not Nice!
  • chefloren 3 years ago about Hash
    Are you kidding me? They haven't deleted this persons postings YET!?
  • foodcrazy100 4 years ago about Chicken
  • Leahv91 4 years ago about Chicken
    recipe removed...
  • chefloren 5 years ago
    Good Lord. This crap has gone on long enough. GR should just delete this profile and be done with it.
  • lor 6 years ago
    HI OM... just thought I'd send you a message, hoping that you pop into the group from time-to-time. I also hope that you are keeping well and to let you know that I miss your company. You have a great sense of humour and you had posted some excellent recipes. Take care.
  • kingofallassholes 6 years ago
    I was clicking on your recipes and there wasn't none there.Don't feel bad.These people has been getting my girlfriend and I but were not letting them people get to us.
  • tuilelaith 6 years ago
    I really Miss you. Hope you decide to come back. i would love to see you here again. I have been taking a beating too! Miss you bunches!!! Tuilelaith
  • chefmal 6 years ago
    Damn, I'm behind the times, I just noticed this. Whatever happened to make you erase all your recipes, I'm sorry. Who drove you to this state? Want me to kick their ass? Please come back. Screw whoever it was; don't give them the satisfaction of driving you away. {=(
  • chefloren 6 years ago
    What? and the "Monitors" Of this site allowed something like this to happen? Unreal.
  • bluucantu 6 years ago
    Aww, disappointed that you don't have any recipes up! I hope you reconsider!
  • scubasuz 7 years ago
    Organic Mama,
    I am new here and was really interested in seeing your recipes! I think I would have loved them. I just want to say that there are a lot of people, like me, disappointed that you retracted your recipes. I am sorry that some bad egg spoiled it for the rest of us! Good Luck to you!
  • wallacan 7 years ago
    Organicmama- I see you take a lot of heat for some of your recipes, I however admire you sense of adventure. You like like great fun to be around.
  • lor 7 years ago
    HAPPY NEW YEAR OM, WHEREVER YOU ARE? Wishing you and your loved ones good health, peace, harmony, and much happiness for 2009!