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  • jett2whit 8 months ago
    Hi there! Thanks for looking and commenting on Jett Ina Burritos - Hope you are having a great day!
  • rainbowcookin 8 months ago about Black Rice, Red Kale And Sprout Salad
    This is really one of the BEST rice salads ever!!
    I know cos I am eating it right now, lol
  • rainbowcookin 8 months ago about Ratatouille Feta Noodle Salad
    Well I love just about anything with feta and olives, so how could this not be a winner lol!
  • NPMarie 8 months ago about Ratatouille Feta Noodle Salad
    I LOVE this! Such a great idea:)
  • champagnetime 8 months ago about Ratatouille Feta Noodle Salad
    Love, love, love ideas for leftovers and this is a winner!! Thanks for sharing.
  • NPMarie 1 year ago
    Awww thanks for the nice comment on my Quinoa Edamame Salad! I appreciate it:-) Let me know if you get a chance to try it!

    BTW, my husband lived on Bribie Island when he was a young boy...the family moved back to the States when he was about 14 years old..he LOVED AU!
  • NPMarie 1 year ago about Gourmet 5 Star Vegan Burgers
    Great post, they sound delicious:)
  • jett2whit 1 year ago
    Hi rainbowcookin - thanks for getting back to me with gall bladder info. Hope you're having a sunshine-y day!
  • pointsevenout 1 year ago
    It's about the chicken. A lot of recipe originators get the chicken ingredient wrong without knowing it.
    A chicken breast is the whole breast of a chicken, both halves including skin and bone. So when you say 4 chicken breasts, that means 4 whole breasts of chicken which is 8 boneless skinless chicken breast fillets with the bone and skin included.
    A split chicken breast is half of a whole chicken breast with skin and bone.
    A chicken breast fillet is a boneless skinless (BS) fillet which is half of a chicken breast without the skin and bone. The word fillet being key to understanding the ingredient.
    There is a huge difference in the amount of water in the recipe if one were simmering up 4 chicken breasts which falls under the first definition or simmering 4 BS breast fillets.
    Hope I have said that clear enough for you to understand.
    I'm pretty sure you meant to list the ingredient as 4 BS chicken breast fillets.
    It is similar to, for example, 4 cups of onion diced VS 4 cups of diced onion. Four cups of onion diced presumes the onion is measured first then diced. Four cups of diced onion presumes the onion is diced first then measured which yields more onion in the recipe.
  • elgourmand 3 years ago
    A change of direction. As the man said, whatever floats your boat. Are you enjoying Uni? Keep at least one ore in the water and drop around when you get a chance. RJ
  • elgourmand 3 years ago
    How have you been? You are a tad overdue for a post. Yeah, life can get busy. Are you livin the dream or dreamin you live? Did you get your land, chickens & the goat? What's new in the kitchen? RJ
  • elgourmand 4 years ago
    Are we havin fun yet? Haven't seen you, or a lot of the other thinkin foodies, around much sense the "New and Improved" GR came along. More proof the the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and the KISS principle both still work. Tis sad. Leave a comment, if you're of a mind. RJ
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    What a totally outrageous lady you are. Fan bloody tastic. Last time I tried to stagger around Brisi it was kinda big so what part, in general? What a really fantastic blog. Thanks for being alive. RJ
  • sitbynellie 5 years ago
    Hi Rainbow, are you ok? Not seen you for a while...
  • linebb956 5 years ago
    Thanks for the invite... Welcome