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  • chuckieb 10 months ago
    Yes Maam Deputy IMI Maam! :) Good thing you guys are on the ball as I totally do need reminding. :)
  • pointsevenout 3 years ago
    This is a "reviewed recipe" profile page created so one can sort through recipes by keyword of the recipes that have actually been made (tried and true) by a GR member and submitted to this Reviews Profile Page or filtered through the "IMI" group by its moderator.
    This is an attempt to isolate the "made by member" recipes from the general population of recipes that have not been made or reviewed or have received low review ratings that were submitted to this Group Recipes site. The recipes will have, or should have, a more favorable review rating.
    Go to the bookmarks tab and type in the keyword you are searching for ("rice" for example) after clicking on the spyglass. It will bring up all the recipes with rice as a keyword for you to peruse through.
    There is a longer explanation of how this member reviews page works by reading the "About Me" profile on the left side of this page.
  • dugger 5 years ago
    WOW, there are a LOT of recipes out there in favland. LOL. I about rolled my finger off scrolling down. Actually did not know this site existed until tonight. I'm more of an experimenter and recorder of family culinary history than a cook. My wife has to hover over me while I mix up the wizard's brew to make sure I don't poison the unwary. Oh, I'm also the kitchen sous chef. I do the chopping, blending, mixing, slicing... anything with a sharp instrument. My wife would prefer I be the only one in the family with nine fingers.
  • cabincrazyone 6 years ago
    It took a while for it to sink in ... what you're doing. As long as you are the one and only source for posting at this page it's incorruptible.
    What a clever idea ... to use a foodie page for a collection of ONLY taste-tested recipes.
    Sounds like tons of work for you. There must be thousands of recipes to read for proof of taste-testing.
    Thanks again.
  • otterpond 6 years ago
    You are a kind and wonderful soul to do all this work to make things easier for your cooking friends. Thank you so much.
  • bluewaterandsand 6 years ago
    Hi Lilian, Great idea. Good Luck to you! I have tried 90% of my recipes that I post and I have tried a lot of my friends recipes. Teresa
  • dixiediner 6 years ago
  • juels 6 years ago
    The search does work great! Thanks, Lillian!
  • minitindel 6 years ago
    thank you for the invite wow you have taken a big job .......good luck to you .........

  • ahmed1 6 years ago
    Thanks for the invite and welcome to the group...