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  • Boston Cream Doughnuts from rva93 in Monterrey, MX.
    This dreamy Boston cream doughnuts, are filled with vanilla pastry cream and dipped in rich chocolate glaze. I divided my dough ...
  • Brownies from rva93 in Monterrey, MX.
    This recipe is my favorite brownies recipe, it is quick easy and it taste delicious. Goes perfectly served with an ice-cream ball....
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  • watergirl5 1 year ago about Boston Cream Doughnuts
    i think that it is soooooo good my friends think it it was amazing
  • justicelegion 2 years ago about Boston Cream Doughnuts
    This is the worst recipe I have ever encountered. The directions are wrong and I think someone working for this site deliberately messed with the instructions.
    I saw these doughnuts made on the "the American baking competition" in June on CBS and I couldn't find the recipe there so I chose to look online thinking it would be the same. But not at all. So if you want a decent recipe that is a lot easier to make google the above and type in" Boston Cream Doughnuts", besides this you will be able to get all the recipes from that competition free. The doughnuts recipe were the world renown chefs own recipe and you know that has to be good. Much better than this.
    I started to make this recipe and after the second process I knew
    something was wrong so I went online to find the one I wanted before and to my surprise I found it and now I will make those because I had to throw away part of the this recipe here.
    I had the same results that Jessicalori and others had. I don't understand why the site people don't fix this recipe to spare others what we have experienced.
  • ladyamalthea44 2 years ago about Boston Cream Doughnuts
    Okay, a second post, now that I've finished and eaten them...and I promise I'll stop my rant about people giving a recipe a rating without making it.... ;)
    As written this recipe DOES NOT WORK!
    1. The custard filling is pretty good, I'd give it a 3.
    2. The dough failed as written, you MUST increase the warm milk to 3/4 cup to get any semblance of proper dough. I was able to add milk after the "sponge rise" part, and it turned out edible, but not nearly as fluffy as they should've been with enough milk to activate all the yeast in the first step.
    3. The chocolate glaze portion failed to stay fluid enough to dip more than two donuts at a time. I will use a double boiler next time to keep it warm as I dip my donuts.
    So all in all, a recipe to start working from, but don't follow it to the letter, you'll be sorely disappointed and incredibly frustrated!
  • ladyamalthea44 2 years ago about Boston Cream Doughnuts
    Nothing frustrates me more than people who rate a recipe without trying it first. I'm with Jessicalori...halfway thru making my first attempt at this and got the same results, crumbly flour mixture, no sponge. Every other recipe I've found uses 3/4 cup milk, so I just increased the mix (hopefully not too late!) My dough is rising now, I will comment again WITH a rating once they're done. So far, kudos on the custard. It's yummy. ;) rva93, any feedback on your recipe??? Is it a typo??? Thanks!
  • jessicalori 4 years ago about Boston Cream Doughnuts
    Recipe does not work as written. Way, way too dry.
    Use this one instead:
  • debra47 8 years ago
    Thanks for the comment about the chocolate ice cream. For some people who don't have a sweet tooth reducing the amount of sugar would be recommended. I liked it exactly as it was.