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  • Rustic Cornbread - Reg or Vegan from senderob in Dallas, TX.
    I tried for years to create a cornbread that was not sweet, had a good "bite" and that both my husband and I could eat (I'm vegan ...
  • Pumpkin Chip Cookie Bars from senderob in Dallas, TX.
    A fall twist on Nestle Toll House cookie have to try these, but be careful - they are addictive. Vegans are us...but n...
  • Tofu Lettuce Tomato Sandwich from senderob in Dallas, TX.
    Miss those BLT sandwiches?...make an even better TLT sandwich with tofu instead of bacon....
  • Spaghetti Beans from senderob in Dallas, TX.
    Sometimes you just need some quick comfort food with a little protein. As a vegan, I'm always looking for easy protein and this o...
  • Roasted Kabocha Japanese Pumpkin from senderob in Dallas, TX.
    A tasty fall favorite that can be made 3 different ways. It's very easy. DON'T try this with a Halloween pumpkin (you've been wa...
  • Italian Lemon Almond Biscuits from senderob in Dallas, TX.
    I saw this recipe on "Everyday Italian" on the Food Network - It was made with ricotta cheese, but I was able to "veganize" it and...
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  • ttaaccoo 3 years ago
    Hi! I made your "tofu ricotta" for a pita pizza, and it is supreme!! ( I think your recipe is a sweet one--actually Italian Lemon Almond Biscuits, ) I think I found "Pita Pizza" on GR too--esp. the White pita pizza.

    Thank you very much. keep up your veganizing!!!
  • pointsevenout 5 years ago about Roasted Kabocha Japanese Pumpkin
    It's good. I'm not accustomed to the delicacies of squash, so can't evaluate with authority.
    See also: Roasted Kabocha Japanese Pumpkin
  • hellokt 6 years ago about Tofu Lettuce Tomato Sandwich
    Sounds great! The pre-made facon is just NASTY. I bet this is a lot better.
  • senderob 6 years ago about Italian Lemon Almond Biscuits
    xylitol crystals are used 1:1 for sugar. Pure stevia powder does not have the bulk required to substitute for sugar in this recipe as the sugar funtions as more than a sweetener in baked goods. One of the new stevia products that has been bulked out to measure 1:1 for sugar may work - it tends to add a very slightly bitter taste when used in large quantities.
  • froggythefrog 6 years ago about Rustic Cornbread - Reg or Vegan
    In general, this is a good recipe. It results in a nice, robust cornbread that is both vegan and stays together. With a few modifications, I would make this again:
    * If sodium is not a huge concern, I would add salt. Once I figure out how much I would add, I'll post it. (ETA: Just read your profile, and now see that you try to keep salt to a minimum.)
    * The cornbread came out smaller than I expected, but was still good. I may double this recipe. Part of me worries that the author of this recipe might be getting more rising action of this recipe than I am.
    * I really like the rustic idea. The "rustic" aspect of this recipe was a bit much, though. I live in a rather dry part of the country and may take the author's suggestion to add more liquid. I may make note of how much liquid I added, though if humidity is a big factor, I am not sure how much help the note will be.

    I am curious how well milled flaxseed would substitute for the Ener-G Egg Replacer. I think I'll try this as a variation.

    Just a note to anyone who's never made cornbread: Preheating the pan as before you put the batter as instructed in this recipe does make a difference.
  • ttaaccoo 6 years ago about Italian Lemon Almond Biscuits
    I am curious re the xylitol. How do you measure it? 1 cup cane sugar = __ xylitol? have you tried stevia?

    thanks. trish
    ps. my hat's off to you with the HUGE changes you have made to fit your healthiness. rock 'n roll!!
  • nemo 8 years ago
    Hi there, Welcome to Group Recipes! :)

    Caught you gawking on my soup recipe :p haha... I hope it's veganisable! It's pretty veggie already though.

    I look forward to seeing some interesting vegetable recipes here! ^_^
  • sunny 8 years ago
    Hello - Thanks for being my cooking buddy and welcome. I look forward to sharing recipes with you. = )
  • senderob 8 years ago
    Thanks for the correction...I'm not here to look for mistakes - I just happen to see this one and it was obvious bcecause I'm a loyal fatfree vegan kitchen fan. Susan does a lot of work and shares everything she knows...I'm guessing you'd like credit for your efforts too. Good for you for fixing the credits. ciao.
  • oescrazy1 8 years ago
    The recipe has been edited. I want to thank you for the great site, I had never been there, I truly can't remember where I found that recipe, some one else may have posted it somewhere, but it is now credited to the right chef. You will likely find more postings of mine to point the finger at, if I don't know where a recipe comes from I either say I found it on the internet or I say nothing. I am sure you will be kept quite busy finding mistakes we all make. We are here to try new recipes, swap what we have, and have fun. My folder is full of photos of food and recipes.
  • oescrazy1 8 years ago