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  • lor 4 years ago
    Hi Shaz and Lois
    If you happen to be popping your wee heads this way, then...
    'Sláinte!' ~ Health!

    Luck of the Irish

    Luck is a common theme for Irish chants and cheers.
    Is your team's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

    The luck of the Irish
    Is oh so sweet,
    That every one knows
    We can't be beat!
    So just try to win if you think you can,
    And we'll fry you like bacon in the frying pan.
    Ssssssizzle! (Hold the "S" for four counts before you add the "izzle")

    Have you heard of the lucky charms man?
    He says the Irish have this game in the can.
    You can run, but you sure can't hide,
    'Cause the luck of the Irish is on our side!

    Lucky clover and a pot of gold,
    The Irish can't lose, so we've been told.
    We play to win, and we're oh so bold,
    The luck of the Irish never grows old.


    Always remember to forget
    The troubles that passed away.
    But never forget to remember
    The blessings that come each day.
  • stalwart 4 years ago
    SHAZ! Where the heck did you go? I'm here because of you and Lor and I couldn't find you for looking. Lor said check out the BBQ group and that was how I fiiiiinally found you. I asked Lor what was up and she mentioned your work load was out of site, romancing of course was also up there on your "Must Do List", n' all the rest but I thought you'd be here with your recipes and craaaaazy sense of humor. Hmph, thanks loads Shaz. That's okay though, I'll just send you e-mails once I've moved. Ya, you can expect LOTS of e-mails from me and please say hi to Lois. I can't tell you yet where I'm moving to but that will be in an e-mail or text message. Keep up the good work and congrats on the "job jump." Love Ya Shaz
    HaD tO sAy ThIs - can't stand that goofy looking pic you've placed where your recipes were. Oh brother and I'm sitting here rolling my very tired eyes. If you "trust" me LOL and give me your pass word, I'll change the beach pic for you. Of course, Lois can do that too :) I know you'll check on any messages left here so please let me change it bud. It's got to be replaced with the Irish for St. Paddy's day.
  • lor 5 years ago
    A fine good morning to you Shaz. I don't know if picking up messages from this group is even on your agenda and somehow I doubt it. If you pick this one up, everyone in the family has planned to conference call you tomorrow night. So, make sure you're home. I'll send you a text message to give you the heads up ;)
    That is WONDERFUL NEWS and everyone here wishes you ALL THE VERY BEST! WAY TO GO!!!
    P.S. Okay Shaz, was it you or Lois who removed your recipes? Good thing I copied and saved the ones you had submitted.
  • cookingandbakingqueen 5 years ago
    Thank you for adding me.Thank you for the comment that you left.
  • annieamie 5 years ago about
    Your pizza recipe sounds really good. Its very unique and I can't wait to try it soon. Thank you for sharing the recipe!
  • pippy 5 years ago
    Hi Shazam. I'd love to join your group RIBS.
  • debbie919 5 years ago about
    Great recipe...and I love your dog! ^5 =)
  • momo_55grandma 5 years ago about
    wow! great summer ribs luv these definetely will try thanks high5
  • 22566 5 years ago about
    Casting a shadow Casserole.

    Very nice...

    Kicking Mac and Cheese up a notch or two.

    Kind Regards
  • 22566 5 years ago
    Thank-you for viewing the 'Corn Muffins'and 'Ribs' recipes.

    I appreciate it.

    Kind Regards
  • 22566 5 years ago about
    Superfluous flavor of gooey goodness,sticking to the 'ribs'twofold.

    Grilling in natures white blanket of winter,embracing the not so ordinary.

    Thank-you,for this very nice recipe.

    Kind Regards
  • snowcat17 5 years ago
    ya.. Help!! The 'colnel' mistook me for a 'real' chicken!!.. I was 'kidnapped.. i on my way to the 'boneless' chicken farm.. byyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nice knowin ya... (hehe).. ciao...
  • snowcat17 5 years ago
    HEHE.. belle hahaha u i just love ta pick on:):).. i will join the bbq group sure.. open a coupla long necks and i hop on over:).. c u im glad things worked out the way they did for ya.. God got a 'blueprint with your name on it:):).. ;ater
  • cookingandbakingqueen 5 years ago
    Thank you for your comment that you left on my Grama's Baebecue Meatballs.I don't understand it either why my recipes keeps getten lowballed.Thank you for bringing it to my att. and it meant alot that someone noticed.
  • snowcat17 5 years ago
    Shaz u r sumthin' :) ...Thanks for nice C/R on my 'partay' chick en :).. I made a buttered noodle casserole 4 supper last night.. dude it was awesome!!! i'll run it by ya:)