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  • Moms Rhubarb Pie from silentc in North York / Toronto, CA.
    I love this recipe. I always use my mom's no-roll pie crust with it because it's super easy. Use a deep-dish pie plate and place i...
  • Perfect Buttercream Icing from silentc in North York / Toronto, CA.
    This buttercream icing is really perfect - perfect consistency for icing a cake and making flowers etc., perfect sweetness, and pe...
  • Aunt Pats Chocolate Zucchini Cake from silentc in North York / Toronto, CA.
    This is my Aunt Pat's recipe, and it's delicious. It has the consistency of a banana bread or coffee cake - and is a great way to ...
  • Coffee Frosting from silentc in North York / Toronto, CA.
    Makes enough for one 8 inch cake. ...
  • My Moms No-roll Pie Crust from silentc in North York / Toronto, CA.
    My mom can't make rolled pie crust, so this is what she always uses. It's really good with rhubarb pie. Makes enough for one pie...
  • My Aunt Lynns Pastry from silentc in North York / Toronto, CA.
    This is my Aunt's pie crust, as written out for my mom who couldn't make pie crust to save her life. I said 4 for serving size, ...
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  • mariesweet 9 months ago about 5 minute fudge
    Tried to make it, but turned into a spread! Tasty but not quiet what it was suppose to be. Maybe you can answer my questions; is it instant pudding or pudding that needs to be cooked? Do i need to make the pudding mixture "as per the instruction" on the box and then add the 1/3 cup of milk + butter....
  • pointsevenout 3 years ago about Chili Con Carne - No Kidney Beans
    A good chili but kind of weak on the spices.
    See Chili Con Carne for more.
  • ArtsyandFit 3 years ago about Low-fat Oatmeal Bars
    i used dried cranberries and I must say this IS the easiest and yummiest recipe ever!!! I teach a healthy eating class and this is going to them tomorrow...they're gonna love it. :)
  • otterpond 4 years ago about Breakfast Quiches - South Beach
    Great Idea. I'm going to substitute some ham steak I have. Also, I wanted to point out that you left the bacon off of your ingredient list (but it is in the instructions and very nice picture) and figured you would want to make that update.
  • valb 4 years ago
    I really want to try the yummy sounding lf oatmeal bars...can I use quick oats for them?
  • Peblzgirl 4 years ago about Low-fat Oatmeal Bars
    Very yummy! I followed the recipe to the letter with the exception of the added fruit and I doubled the batch. I let them cool and cut into bars and placed them into plastic food storage bags. Very moist and delicious. I knew they wouldn't last long so I'm glad I doubled the recipe!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  • huxter 6 years ago
    Thanks for the buddy acceptance --I love old time recipes too ,learnt at our family farm years ago --our Nan used to feed all the farm workers during the day at harvest time and shearing and never left the kitchen at that time of the year.
  • emie73 6 years ago
  • emie73 6 years ago
  • cgendy 7 years ago
    Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my vegan mango cake! I updated the recipe to include the garnish so you can go ahead and take another look. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  • turtle66 7 years ago
    Hola to my new cookin' buddy :)
  • thegoldminer 7 years ago
    Hi MS sweet tooth. Glad to have you as a friend. Best JJ>
  • magandab 7 years ago
    Glad to find another South Beacher here, though many of my recipes are far from SBD legal. Love citrus cheesecake!
  • invisiblechef 7 years ago
    hi, I left a message for you under your post in the suggestion group. There is no way that I know of too delete your account. Unless you manually delete all your recipes, and possibly find a picture online that says, picture removed? and replace all your photos with this photo. Why do you want to leave, if you don't mind me asking?

  • carebecca 7 years ago
    Well, I did South Beach after my first daughter and now I am doing it again after my second. The first time I stuck through the full two weeks and then decided to do two more without carbs. I ended up losing 25 lbs in a month. It was really hard to stck to the no carbs though as I am sure you know. They are my favorite part of every meal!! This time, like you, I made it through one week and the second week I cheated a little but only with whole wheat carbs. I am not sure how much I have lost because I am reluctant to step on the scale but I look and feel better. I have made a commitment to having a healthy lifestyle from now on so I am looking forward to gradually losing this baby weight. I really like the South Beach lifestyle but they need new recipes....that's why I am here! It is nice to have a cooking buddy on the same plan as me!!