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  • Eggplant Patties from sola in Charlotte, NC.
    I was inspired to make these for the first time when I accquired a sorry looking, bruised & beaten eggplant.These are easy to...
  • Gluten Free Granola from sola in Charlotte, NC.
    For those that can eat oatmeal.This makes alot and you'll feel pretty smug knowing how little it cost to make and how good it tast...
  • Gluten Free Focaccia from sola in Charlotte, NC.
    My first attempt at a yeast dough without a mix.Crispy crust with a fluffy pillow of doughy goodness inside.This is GF yeast bakin...
  • Lentil-walnut Burgers from sola in Charlotte, NC.
    I recently discovered this recipe.I liked it so much I made it twice in one week! This is a Mollie Katzen recipe.I used pecan meal...
  • Basmati Rice Pilaf With Apricots from sola in Charlotte, NC.
    Basmati rice infused with ancient spices of garam masala,cardamom,along with lemon and dried apricots.Would make a great veg meal ...
  • Honey Ginger Buttercream Frosting from sola in Charlotte, NC.
    I made a carrot cake tonight,but didnt have any cream cheese.So I topped it with this.But it would be good on many types of cakes....
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  • awcolman 4 months ago about Ginger Fried Rice with Shitake mushrooms
    Great blend of flavours, this was very good! Recommended :)
  • dimsumdoll 3 years ago about Green Apple Raita
    We're in the middle of a blizzard up here in Vermont USA and I didn't have a cucumber, so I decided to try this recipe. It is absolutely delightful and should be perfect with our chicken dish this evening. I expect to make it quite often from now on. Thanks to Mrs. Chabbi Raman.
  • sola 3 years ago about Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Cookie results have alot to do with the temp of shortening.Too soft & cookies will spread too much.FOR BEST RESULTS baking GF cookies chill dough at least an hour before baking.You will be surprised how much better your cookies will turn out.
  • twill10 3 years ago
    thx, but I found it
  • stellabg 3 years ago about Eggplant Patties
    I love eggplant patties :) But i use to oven roast the eggplant instead of boiling it, this way it's more dry and easier to work the patties (balls), you can use less breadcrumbs and safe some calories :)
  • 22566 3 years ago
    Are'nt those called age spots and cellulite :o)
    No wonder one would be asked to close their 'Nightshade'
    Thank-you for the visit
    Wishing you and your family a good evening.
    Kind Regards
  • 22566 3 years ago about Eggplant Patties
    No Sympathy...Sorry :o)
    Me no likey eggplant
    Besides,how did you know it was all beat up and bruised...It's Purple already :o)
    Two years is way to long to be gone...Welcome Back.
    Thank-you for the recipe...I will pass it on :o)
    Kind Regards
  • nadaism 6 years ago
    Thankyou for accepting me as your cooking buddy. I was inspired by many of your delicious recipes especially the Lentil Burgers recipe - so I made Bonza Aussie Burgers - I simply cannot copy others recipes. Looking forward to sharing recipes and ideas.
  • crabhappychick 6 years ago
    Even without a stand mixer, give gf doughs a try, Sola. They aren't like normal doughs as they as liquid until you add the xanthan gum...and then it doesn't become a stiff dough. I think you'll be just fine. Works well for me, hon!
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    The iceberg slaw is delish. Thanks!!
  • crabhappychick 6 years ago
    Let me know how the gf pita goes! Good luck...have you tried the gf flatbread I posted? Really good!
  • mjcmcook 6 years ago
    You are "Very Welcome" for the C/R on
    your Lentil-Burger recipe~
    Besides my Daughter there a several other
    Family members that will appreciate this recipe~
  • princessthunder 6 years ago
    hi hun , thanks for being my cooking buddy, you have some great recipes
  • berrikiss 6 years ago
    Considering I'm a carb addict, this sudden gluten-free lifestyle has been a HUGE challenge for me. My family seems to be doing better with it than I am. I'm so grateful for a site like this where I can connect with fellow gluten free cooks. I look forward to sharing recipes with you. Have a great New Year! ~~BK*~~
  • denny59 6 years ago
    Thanks for accepting my invite, look forward to sharing recipes