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  • Easy Pork Stir Fry from taylordani11 in Stilwell, OK.
    I found this recipe on the back of a Campbell's can and tweaked it....
  • One-dish Beef & Mushroom Skillet Dinner from taylordani11 in Stilwell, OK.
    An easy skillet meal that looks like Hamburger Helper, but is waaay better. It got rave reviews at my house....
  • Easy Beef Enchiladas from taylordani11 in Stilwell, OK.
    This simple dish has tasty, yet healthy options I added. It got rave reviews from my three guys. {I've put the options in bracket...
  • Easy Loaded-baked Potato Soup from taylordani11 in Stilwell, OK.
    This soup isn't really baked, but it has the flavors of a loaded baked potato. Just keep adding any topping that sound good to yo...
  • Fruit-Filled Danish from taylordani11 in Stilwell, OK.
    This Danish-style coffee cake is good for anytime; breakfast, brunch, dessert. The sour cream just sets it off. And it is so qui...
  • Oklahoma Crock Pot Dressing from taylordani11 in Stilwell, OK.
    This recipe is simple and has ingredients you probably already have. The big plus is that you can put it in the pot and finish pr...
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  • pleclare 4 years ago Flag
  • pleclare 4 years ago
    I always use Libby's famous pumpkin pie that is on the site. Tyhis one is good also -pie
    You can also search pumpkin pie on the site and see what you like. Happy Holidays!!
  • taylordani11 5 years ago about Easy Pork Stir Fry
    Oh, yeah! Pineapple should be UNDRAINED!
  • jkirk 5 years ago about Easy Beef Enchiladas
    I can see why it got rave reviews. Sounds good to me too!
  • pleclare 5 years ago about Easy Beef Enchiladas
  • arkiesue 5 years ago about Oklahoma Crock Pot Dressing
    used to have a crock pot dressing recipe, but lost it. first time i tried it i was skeptical but first taste i was in love! the only difference was that 1 can of soup was cream of chicken and one was cream of celery! i have been making dressing for over 45 years but this is the very best dressing i ever tasted! it is moist but holds its shape and the flavors are absolutely wonderful! must try it-you'll never make oven dressing ever again!
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    Talofa, Bonjourno, Gday and thanks for saying yes to my invite. I think recipes and cooking should be fun (heck, I think life should be fun) and that a little madness is a good thing. Looking forward to swapping recipes and ideas. Keep on cookin and Goza la vida! (Enjoy the life!) RJ
  • elgourmand 5 years ago
    All the rum is not gone, just the bottle you had. Nice broom. RJ
  • elgourmand 5 years ago about Smothered Cubed Beef
    Good food, great post and I like your blurb. If you like recipes that use things you already have then have a lot of things. RJ
  • 22566 5 years ago
    Thank-you for viewing the 'Hearts and Flowers' recipe.

    ~as to~

    Your question...Rum versa Bourbon

    Of course you may substitute any label or brand you wish,it is completely up to the individual.

    Appreciate your interest.

    Hope you are having a pleasant Valentines Day.

    Kind Regards

  • pleclare 5 years ago
    Thanks for checking out the garlic monkey bread!
  • choclytcandy 5 years ago
    Hi, thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Brisket Mopping Sauce recipe. I'm like you, the more garlic, the merrier. I copy the recipes as written in the cookbooks, but alter ingredients to appease my own taste buds. So, please add as much garlic as you like. If you get to try it, please let me know what you think.
  • pleclare 5 years ago
    Thanks for checking the After a hard day chicken. Good stuff!
  • pleclare 6 years ago
    Thanks for checking out the soup. Good stuff!
  • lovethedepp 6 years ago
    I simply must accept your friend request---evidently it is not just our love of good food that we have in common! Love that Depp!!!