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  • Blueberry Soup from tilgidh in Blackshear, GA.
    I looked this one up in the database. There are some blueberry soup recipes, but this one has some different ingredients and made ...
  • Garden Pie from tilgidh in Blackshear, GA.
    I was not sure if I really wanted to post this recipe. Not sure how it will go over. But I checked the database and it is not ther...
  • Little Olive Penguins from tilgidh in Blackshear, GA.
    My son and I first made this for a party when he was still going to culinary school. Got it from a garnishing book. Have made it m...
  • Banana Bread - Gluten Free from tilgidh in Blackshear, GA.
    This was taken from, page. Wanted to share. A great Gluten Free Banana Bread. It was contributed to the site manti...
  • Brandy Orange Snow Sauce from tilgidh in Blackshear, GA.
    Good to serve on Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream, Cakes, Pies, Mixed Drinks. Let me know what you like it on....
  • French Hard Sauce from tilgidh in Blackshear, GA.
    This is my last sauce of the day. It is incredible. But you will have to find out for yourselves....
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  • pointsevenout 4 months ago about Bermuda Biscuits
    See Bermuda Biscuits for more.
  • KaileeChanale 3 years ago about English Cottage Pie
    Really wish I would've paid attention to that second onion for the potatoes, but otherwise I' m loving it!
  • snafu918 4 years ago about Arizona Green Tea With Ginseng And Honey Clone
    This isn't even close to AZ Green tea. Terrible recipe.
  • webcem 4 years ago about Arizona Green Tea With Ginseng And Honey Clone
    Very nice
    ginsengli bobo da var resmi satış sitesi bence çok başarılı
  • chuckieb 4 years ago about Little Olive Penguins
    Those are absolutely adorable.
  • chefzilla 6 years ago
    Another aka of mystic_river1's!Pathetic.Zilla
  • jrt_mom 6 years ago
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Johnny! Enjoy the holidays :)
  • cherylannxo 6 years ago
  • chefzilla 6 years ago
    My oh be accepting buddy invitations like that of Cardinal54's while on your long sailing journey?Thats very impressive.So why haven't we heard anymore from ya'll about your trip? I am just dyin to hear where ya'll are right about now.Must be so dang excitin!
  • cardinal54 6 years ago
    Thank you for accepting my cooking buddy invite. Lucy
  • greekgirrrl 6 years ago
    Too bad, it might have been a nice story if it were true.
  • chefzilla 6 years ago
    That sounds like quite an ambitious journey at this time of the year....The north Atlantic is not a very nice lady at this time of year...My husband is a sailor and says you guys are crazy! Good luck.....
  • pink 6 years ago
    Have a great trip! Best Wishes from me, Mr. Bunny & Bunny Jr. we are all very fine here...*wink* You'll be missed!
  • mystic_river1 6 years ago
    Your avatar is beautiful, my friend.

    I wish you and Jonathan a glorious voyage...full of love for this world , full of excitement, full of splendid sunrises and sunsets and contentment. My prayer for you is that you fulfill your dream and enjoy every moment. God Bless you and keep you safe.
    God sent each person into the world with a special message to deliver, a special song to sing and a special act of love to bestow. No one else can speak my message or sing my song or offer my love .... these are entrusted to me."
    Author Unknown
    Sing your special song,Johnny
  • minitindel 6 years ago
    BON VOYAGE........Johnny our prayers are with you for a safe and glorious journey. with will be missed keep in touch my friend .. mini