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  • Spicy Pepperoni Biscuits from zena824 in Somewhere, USA, AR.
    These little jewels are delicious with cheese soup... Serve then at brunch or any other time...Great for the Holidays. Easy to mak...
  • Pizza Biscotti from zena824 in Somewhere, USA, AR.
    This biscotti goes with the pizza dip or can be eaten alone....Delicious and different. Savory...
  • Pizza Dip from zena824 in Somewhere, USA, AR.
    This can be either a dip or it can be a fondue.... Eat with your favorite chips or with the Pizza Biscotti recipe to follow....Thi...
  • Rainbow Tie Salad from zena824 in Somewhere, USA, AR.
    This is a delicious salad... Its hearty and would be great around the Holidays........
  • Easy Chicken Casserole from zena824 in Somewhere, USA, AR.
    This was also presented at the Holiday Tasting party...Started out as just a corn casserole ...Very delicious.......
  • Easy Lemon Cake from zena824 in Somewhere, USA, AR.
    This is a very easy cake to make if your into  lemon .  Its made in our neighborhood alot......
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  • mommyluvs2cook 2 months ago about Steak Pot Pie
    I really wanted to love this, but I didn't :( Too much steak sauce for my taste and the end filling was not thick, it was watery. Made my own pie crust. We didn't hate this, but didn't love it. More in the IMI -------------> Steak Pot Pie
  • mtmommachef 4 months ago about Huckleberry Pie
    Loved loved loved this !!!!! Hubby said hands down his fav 😆
  • jett2whit 5 months ago about My Best Carrot Cake
    Why didn't I bookmark this one before? It's a mystery!! Gotta make this cake!!!!
  • Rookster 5 months ago about Jamaican Meat Pies
    one of my best memories from a trip to Jamaica...the roadside meat pies...cant wait to try it. will post the results...if I survive the process.
  • frankieanne 7 months ago about Berried Treasure Pie
    I made this with chocolate pudding because I like the combination of chocolate and strawberries. The strawberries weren't looking so hot this time of year so I took the ones that were left and chopped them up and stirred them into the remaining Dream Whip that I put on top. That added a nice pink swirly effect that I really liked as well. I took this to work and everyone loved. One person said 10 stars! The only problem I had was in paragraph four of the instructions. I took that to read "mix pudding mix with 1 cup of milk" and that is what I did. Also, I used the 4 serving size of pudding mix. I put this in an extra large purchased graham cracker crust as well - not the regular sized one. I put this in IMI on 10/31/14 and posted a couple of pictures. Thanks, Zena. :)
    Berried Treasure Pie
  • jett2whit 10 months ago
    Hi there! No - not on FB anymore =(
    I'm on Twitter & Instagram tho! Good to hear from you!
  • frankieanne 10 months ago
    No, I'm a Facebook holdout. I pm'd you my email address. :)
  • frankieanne 1 year ago
    Hey there! Its so good to see you! I am not on Facebook but I will email you. I wish you would come back! I hope all is well.
  • cmon68 2 years ago
    Thank you so much for following. I feel like a heel whilst I was away. I am jubilant to be back and hope I can share stuff you like:)))
  • diannj4 2 years ago
    Can I use instant pudding in the sticky bun recipe? The office closed today due to Hurricane Sandy and I am home baking!
    Thank you
  • jett2whit 2 years ago
    Thanks for checking out the broc-a-roni & cheese recipe! How have you been?!?!?
  • frankieanne 2 years ago
    Oh, my gosh!! Where have you been? I'm glad to see you!!
  • jett2whit 3 years ago
    Howdy - just wanted to pop in and say hello!
  • blondeberry 4 years ago
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    I havent been here in so long... Wow..things have changed....