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Korean Food

  • trifood 14 years ago
    What is your favorite Korean restaurant? And what is your favorits Korean food?
  • southerncooker 14 years ago said:
    I wish we had some Korean restaurants in NC. I miss those from when we lived in Calif for 4 years. I loved the Korean BBQ restaurnats and also the noodle rests.
    I love Kimchee and almost all Korean foods I\'ve tried.
  • gimpson 13 years ago said:
    My favorite in Kansas City is Cho Ga, though I'm looking forward to Cho Sun opening up soon.
  • zhiannablu 13 years ago said:
    i live in So. Cal, right now i love Crane Sushi, a Korean/Japanese restaurant in Pasadena, CA. (also in Alhambra) very good food, if i really wanted to, Los Angeles is not to far to drop in on real down home Korean foods and shop at the local Asian(Korean) Market. My only problem is that i can't read the labels, grrrrr! lol.
    Do you share recipes here?

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