Your Favorite Bubble and Squeak

  • ali_marea 13 years ago
    My husband is part English, lived in England as a child, and his mother is English. I like to try to keep some traditional comfort foods in our diet as much as possible. One favorite comfort food is bubble and squeak, but there are so many possibilities, it's hard to pick one.

    What are your favorites?
  • alexbutler 13 years ago said:
    It never fails! I will try and dig out a fantastic recipe for you to test on your husband....but essentially the trick is 'don't skimp on the double cream' and use very, very good thick bread.
  • anng 13 years ago said:
    It was always a mixture of the left-over potato (mashed, if necessary) and cabbage - more potato than cabbage. Form into flat cakes, using some beaten egg to bind if needed, and fry.
  • saavedra 13 years ago said:
    Not sure i understand what, bubble and squeak is? I am American, enlighten me please. :o)
  • painter 5 years ago said:

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