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  • CisF 11 years ago
    Can anybody remember where that Vietnamese Spicy Chicken recipe is, which issue I mean. It's a favorite of ours and I can't seem to remember. Getting old :( I think it's in an older issue like the 30's or 40's. As I remember it was one of the first Table for Two editions.
    Thanks for your help. I hope it it's listed here, I can reference it quickly from now on
    Thanks again
  • labradors 11 years ago said:
    Found it in the forum and just posted it here. Check the group's recipes.

    I've added the accompanying Cucumber-Peanut Salad recipe, as well.
  • CisF 11 years ago said:
    Why Thank you!!
  • champagnetime 11 years ago said:
    Off to check it out - I think I remember this one.And what a great use for this forum!!!!! Love it. I have some old goodies in my MasterCook that I'm going to bring over here for the 'vault'!!
  • CisF 10 years ago said:
    Jean, I was glad to see those oldies in the "vault" Thanx!
  • champagnetime 10 years ago said:
    You're welcome, Cis - I think we'll all enjoy having them together here - Has anyone used the search feature here?? Guess I'd better play with it and see if I can find anything......

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