Faux Twinkies Maker!

  • thepiggs 15 years ago
    I just got this from www.preparedpantry.com

    It's a Twinkie maker, under the name of Canoe Cupcake Pan.
    This could be an afternoon of fun for the kids!
    DIY Twinkies!


    Remember those canoe-shaped cupcakes you had as a kid? Now you can make your own with this pan!

    This pan comes with it's own nine piece decorating set.
    You and the kids will have a blast! It comes with recipes but you can use your favorite or even a mix. Fill them with marshmallow cream, pastry cream, pudding, frosting, or whatever you feel like.

    And this set is not just for the kids. Consider these combinations:

    Yellow cake with marshmallow cream or butter cream frosting
    Cornbread filled with honey butter
    Chocolate cake filled with caramel and topped with chocolate frosting
    Poppy seed cake filled with lemon pie filling
    Lemon cake filled with berry jams or pureed pie filling
    Spice cake filled with apple pie filling
    Carrot cake filled with cream cheese frosting
  • szq 15 years ago said:
    What a great idea. I have to get that pan. Lately I've seen cooking shows and the like with this very idea of making your own twinkie. In fact, I watched a show last night highlighting a bakery that makes homemade twinkies and selling them for over $3 bucks a pop.

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