Friday, November 27th

  • LindaLMT 2 years ago
    Good Morning Everyone.
    It's looking like another nice day. Plenty of sun, bright blue sky, and temperatures that are not sweltering.

    Last night's dinner was delicious and it all turned out great! The stuffing was my favorite, usually always is. I have a recipe but only followed the ingredient list and not the measurements but it worked. My pumpkin pie was great too and didn't stick to the pan like I thought it might. Had a piece for breakfast too.

    Hope your meals were fantastic Karen and Kimmer.

    Not much planned today. I really should give the master bathroom a good cleaning and will make the effort to get that done.

    Janet ... thinking about you and sending the warmest of thoughts and prayers.
  • LindaLMT 2 years ago said:
    I usually don't make eggs for myself, especially for the first meal, but I have stuffing and heated a large spoonful up in a frying pan, made a well, cracked an egg, covered and cooked. One of the best ways to eat an egg.
  • MissouriFarmWife 2 years ago said:
    I agree on the egg in the stuffing, Linda. LOVE stuffing right from the turkey!

    It is sunny and 64F today.

    Thanksgiving meal turned out nice. Wayne was happy with the tender pork loin and pumpkin pie!

    Thinking of you, Janet. Prayers sent.

    We had sausage links from the butcher shop in St. Robert and scrambled eggs. Wayne had toast. I am happy without bread. Sausage and I don't always agree and I guess this is one I won't be getting again, tasted a bit spicy but good, however, the after affect leads me to believe if we get it again it will be for Wayne only. He loves sausage!

    We are taking a break from unloading the RV for the winter. Removed all liquids and anything that should not sit out in the cold. Have one more trip to make.

    See you later.
  • Good4U 2 years ago said:
    Glad your pumpkin pie turned out so well, Linda.
    I don't do sausages for the same reason, Karen.
    Glad both of your meals turned out well.
    I finally made a big pot of butternut squash soup and it turned out very well. I will divide it up and freeze portions so I can have it anytime. We are having beef tenderloin steaks with baked potatoes and a veggie.
    I know you don't have internet or a phone at the house in RR or maybe you are in Fort Frances, Janet. Thinking of you and your Mom. HUGS)))
  • LindaLMT 2 years ago said:
    Glad dinner turned out well yesterday Karen. I love sausage but lately it hasn't been loving me back. I used a little in the stuffing I made and it sat well but I can't do a lot.

    Yea Joce! you made the butternut squash soup and happy to hear it turned out well. Your dinner tonight sounds great.

    I'm venturing to do something different. I split a large chicken breast and pounded the pieces thin. I'll layer each with leftover stuffing, roll, and bake with something over top. I don't feel like making cream of soup but may have to.
  • Good4U 2 years ago said:
    I think what you are doing with the leftover stuffing is brilliant, Linda. Perhaps just a sauce made from a roux add some cheese and you have almost a cheese hollandaise sort of sauce or creamy soup type. When you make a simple roux the sky is the limit with all the different things you can do with it.
  • kimmer 2 years ago said:
    Good evening and hello to all. Never thought of cooking an egg in the middle of stuffing Linda but I bet it was delightful! I took some of what few leftovers there were to the shop for hubs and I for lunch. I can not, still, get over how little leftovers I had! I guess everyone was hungry! Daughter told me that she did eat a bit of breakfast yesterday but didn't eat anything else so she would be super hungry! I made pretty much the same amount of food that I make every year and we usually do have lots of left over stuff. Just to give you an idea of why I'm amazed, this was my menu..........Turkey, of course (a 20 lb. one, I usually get 22 to 23lb, but that size wasn't available), mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, homemade green beans, corn, broccoli with a cheese sauce, homemade baked mac N cheese (9x13 dish full), honey glazed roasted carrots, salad and dinner rolls, banana pudding, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and a cherry crisp. Pretty much all gone! Delightful.

    Special hugs and prayers Janet!
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