Need To know

  • bob1964 13 years ago
    This may sound like a dumb question . How do I get more vigges into my diet?(90% more) I like veggies, but me a meat and tater person all my life it isn't so easy. My doctor would happy. lol Thanks for the help and info.
  • ieatcake 12 years ago said:
    I get my fiance and I to eat more vegetables by serving them before dinner (like mom's do to their toddlers!). I make a salad before dinner or as dinner is cooking so we eat it as an appetizer. Instead of trying to have everything done at once I purposely let the vegetable be finished first. I cook twice the amount I would normally eat and somehow when its the only thing on your plate and you're hungry you it all of it. ... and a little butter helps make veggies taste that much better.

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