How to make it

  • Shot and field strip,place in backpack and head for camp.
  • Wash and clean thoroughly.You may have a few pin feathers that remain,but that's okay.
  • Peel the skin gently back from the body of the bird.Prick the skin with a sharp object,being very careful not to pierce the breast meat.The ventilation of the skin will allow the fat to drain and to leave you with a unbelievably rich and desirable crispy skin.
  • Rub the body all over with salt,pepper,and allspice,squeeze the lemon over the bird.Then take time to place the thyme and squeezed lemon shell into the cavity.
  • Place about six cups of stock or plain water into a deep roasting pan.Submerge the neck and giblets,rack the goose breast side up.
  • Cover tightly with foil and place the roasting pan over two kerosene burners
  • Bring the liquid to a boil,lower the heat and simmer for about an hour.You are doing this to steam the goose and render fat from the skin.During this process you want the evaporation of the liquid,but not to the point of complete depletion.
  • Remove the roasting pan from the heat and uncover.
  • Lift the goose from the rack and sit over a platter on the side cupboard for just a spell.If you want to up your odds to have a very crispy skin then you could place the goose on the rack in the ice box over night uncovered and proceed the next day,just bring the bird kinda' to the surrounding temperature before placing in oven.
  • You may either save the neck and giblets for later use,or discard...Quigley liked the discarded part,especially into his favorite blue speckled enamel food dish :o)
  • Pour the liquid from the roaster through a fine mesh strainer into a storage container.The fat will rise to the top and this is something you should prize indeed.You can roast vegetable,pan sear seafood,fry chicken,and make goose confit.
  • Have the heat chamber set at three hundred and fifty,place the chunks of vegetable in the bottom of the roasting pan with some stock or plain water.
  • Take the lemon and thyme out of the cavity and tie the legs together with a piece of kitchen twine taken from your cast iron twine holder.
  • Place the goose on the 'V' rack with the breast up...roast for one hour uncovered,and if the skin is a crispy, lovely color,then good,but if not,then roast an additional half hour,then flip the bird over and roast for another half hour or so.You will want the internal temerature deep within the thigh to be between one hundred seventy five,to one hundred eighty degrees.
  • Transfer goose to a cutting board and allow to rest for about twenty minutes or so,then slice into.
  • Geese have a wonderful meat throughout and are a wonderful feast for real meat lovers.
  • Once eaten,take stock at what is left in and of the carcess,this alone is a a storehouse of many possibilities.
  • Roasting a goose makes any holiday memorable and merrier...Well,maybe that comes with the wine,before,during,and after the dine :o)
  • Why do geese fly in a 'V' formation?
  • Because it would be to hard to fly in a sexy little 'S' :o)
  • Well,ask a pilot...they can tell ya'
  • Two reasons...
  • One...reduces wind resistance,and when one gets tired another takes over.
  • Second...keeping a visual,for communication and coordination in the group.
  • It's called team work...visual,timing,tired,take over.
  • Geese are used for guards...and they are 'V'ery aggressive!
  • and...because they have a loud and sometimes startling call,and are sensitive to any unusual movements makes them excellent security of ones domain.
  • BANG! BANG!!
  • Ohhh No!
  • I think I've been hit!!
  • Get Up! You'er not hurt!!
  • Your tailfeathers may be singed a tinge,that's all.
  • Fly away...Fly away...Fly away...Home
  • Ah! If only relationships were like geese!
  • Stay in formation men...we'er almost there...
  • ~and~
  • It's dinner time...Oh,don't worry...They were'nt one of ours :o)
  • Goose,or,Gander they don't turn tail to slander!
  • Fledgings do grow up to fly you know!
  • When they are on the ground,they are a 'gaggle'...When they are in flight they are a 'skein'...A Team! It would be very difficult to come between their 'wedge'
  • 'V'
  • Goin' South...Very Good!
  • Fact...or...Fiction?
  • Goosy Goosy Gander, where dost thou wander?
  • Upstairs, downstairs, inlady's chamber.
  • Oh,Mother Goose...Who layed the 'Golden Eggs'
  • After all...
  • When Aphrodite first came ashore she was welcomed by a chariot drawn by geese.
  • Fly...Let Them Be Free...On The Wing!
  • ( Wild Goose Flaps It's Wings... Mike Oldfield )
  • ( Little Wing )

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