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help !!!!!

  • tinkerbell18 13 years ago
    just found out i have C.D does someone have so good food that taste like the whaet one i'm 18 and have eat wheat all my life all can of hellp woudd me nice
  • sezno2weet 13 years ago said:
    Hello, I have been gluten free/wheat free since 2000. It has been hard and I have a pizza slip up now and again, but I have a few staples that I buy to make life easier. I don't like to take the time to do alot of gf/wf baking. I have also found that I cannot tolerate the ezekel bread either. That is a good one if you can tolerate it, but since I can't I have had to find my own easy method.
    Rice Pasta -Comes in all shapes better than corn pasta (very good)
    Vans Waffles -frozen section, wheat/gluten free! Life saver for hearty sandwhiches.
    Suggestion: take two wrap in papertowl, microwave for 40sec alittle more
    if still stiff. They should come out nice and soft. You could either put sliced cheese on now while hot then ham. Or, cool a bit and add mayo and all kinds of sandwhich stuff. I have made egg sandwhiches and even used them for burger buns. They are not too expensive and the softest good tasting gf/wf premade item so far.
    White Corn Tortillas - Read ingredients make sure they are just white corn. I use these for lighter sandwhich roll ups. Suggestions: two wrap in papertowl, pop in microwave for 28 sec. this will make them hot and soft. Make your roll up from here. Anything that you can put in a burrito you can put in these. They are just smaller.
    Quaker Corn Cakes - Like the rice cakes. I get the plain or butter ones. Since I can't eat crackers this make a nice crunchy snack. I have put peanut butter on them and then top with sliced banana. Hummus is good on these too. You could experiment, but you have to read the labels for Quaker Rice cakes cause some of their products have wheat. Plain or butter is good.
    Hope some of these help. It is hard but eventually things made with flour won't even smell good to you anymore. And I have seen some really good flour free recipes on here for cakes if you like. Oh! I just remembered Outback Steak House they have a gluten free dessert called Chocolate Thunder from Down is soooo soo good. They have a pretty good GF Menu too.

    Take Care you will do great!


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