Great Drink Recipes All in one Spot!

  • peacekeeper0 16 years ago
    You're bound to find the right one for your family gathering, your party or just a nice one to treat yourself!

    Let's do this thing!
  • kukla 16 years ago said:
    Great idea, PeaceKeeper...

    I always dreamed of having "the perfect" bar set-up in my house...but I keep making unique and interesting drinks, and using up all my supplies :) HIC!! LOL!

    I have a couple of great ones to dig up!! Some of them come from my "dangerous days" -- after my divorce, before my second marriage -- when a girlfriend & I used to go out once a week to a bar / restaurant and tell the bartenders they could make any kind of drink they wanted for soon as we could NOT identify it (or at least its ingredients) we had to stop drinking. Talk about brave (or stupid :); we ended up learning a lot of "interesting" drinks, and with some HUGE bar tabs :)
  • peacekeeper0 16 years ago said:
    Wow what a story....
    I never drink at bars..... WAY to over priced for me!
    Hehe and with these recipes no one should ever have to :)

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