If you want to reach me email me at: CookingUpAStorminCA@gmail.com

  • pollymotzko2 12 years ago
    Polly Motzko here with my second profile on GroupRecipes. I was rated a 9 on the first one, working my way to a password problem which made it impossible to access the 13 groups I created and add to my recipes.

    Now, after trying to work it out with tech support for the better part of a year, I am back, with this profile, PollyMotzko2 and I can now answer emails etc, add to my profile and the many groups I began last year.

    I also have a new blog as of January 5th, 2010-


    You can also find me on:

    FoodBuzz.com by searching Polly Motzko.

    Enjoy and happy cooking & baking wherever you are!

    Thanks for making this group as great as it is now!

    Polly Motzko


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