Welcome new members..

  • dugger 16 years ago
    Just checked the roster and see we have some new members. I hope y'all enjoy it and find some things you are looking for. Please speak (type) up with questions or observations. Join in!
  • azurelynn 16 years ago said:
    Hi everyone....
    I learned about this site from Susan (foodiefarmgirl)*have to find her* and came in to join. Am hoping this site is as fun as recipezaar used to be.

  • catipuss 15 years ago said:
    I would like to join your group,but don't see how to go about it.

  • thepiggs 15 years ago said:
    You just joined! If you were able to post, you clicked the right button and are now a member of this group.

  • xenon 14 years ago said:
    Hi all,
    I found this group by accident. I thought what a good idea to get to basics. It can be so much fun getting back to basics.......................... ;o)
  • grannycheryl 14 years ago said:
    Hi a good friend of mine told me about this group and I am glad that she did ! So far the people I met are just so great and down to earth like I am ! Also I just just love the name and of course the foods of this group ! And boy do I really want to learn the basics !

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