• zanna 15 years ago
    Every dollar counts these days. PLEASE share your tips on money saving .
  • zanna 15 years ago said:
    I like going to for all kinds of infro . and tips. Heres a few on gas.

    For excellent tips on how to reduce all your home-energy costs, read the advice at

    Go to and enter your ZIP code. You’ll be connected to a network of websites that pinpoints which gas stations near you charge the lowest and highest prices.

    ...Clean out the junk in your trunk. Hauling around unneeded poundage — a case of water, tools, a spare stroller — forces your car to work harder. A hundred extra pounds in the trunk reduces fuel economy by up to 2 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). If you spend $200 a month on gas, shedding that weight can save you $48 a year.
    ...Check your oil, air filter, and tire pressure. Keeping your car well tuned can increase fuel efficiency by up to 17 percent,.
    ...Treat your car like your skin. Keep it out of the sun whenever possible. That’s because gasoline can evaporate right out of the tank (especially when the cap isn’t screwed on tight), and it evaporates faster when the car is hotter. So always drive straight into the garage, rather than parking in the driveway. When doing errands, park in the shade or in a parking garage

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