Best of the British cookbooks?

  • alexbutler 17 years ago
    Gotta be Delia hasn't it?
  • gwedgwood 17 years ago said:
    Delia \"Let\'s be having you\" Smith? She should concentrate on getting Norwich back into the Premiership rather than food!

    Nigella Rocks!!
  • bonzaichef 17 years ago said:
    Ahhh Delia eh, she\'s a bit of a gal eh. I reckon Mr Gary Rhodes has gotta be up there somewhere? Once you get past the dodgy hair do he\'s not a bad lad:-))
  • anng 17 years ago said:
    Anything by Nigel Slater or Sophie Grigson. Their recipes, particularly Slater's, are really meant to be cooked rather than just read.
  • saavedra 16 years ago said:
    I love watching Nigella Lawson's show although don't get it here very often. I have one of her cookbooks and think it is very good, fascinating the way she put it together. How To Eat is the title.

    I just find her show very laid back, fun and the food is appealing.

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