Cake help!

  • famjila 14 years ago
    Hi. I'm having problems with my cakes. They're cooking around the edges but not in the middle. This is happening with al my cakes. Can anybody help me?

    PS: It's a new stove.
  • lor 13 years ago said:
    Hi Famjila. I am sorry my response is delayed but it sounds as if it could be your oven. Do you have your shelves positioned correctly? It could also be the type of oil you are using.
    How very frustrating for you and especially with a new stove.
  • famjila 13 years ago said:
    Thank u so much for your answer. Finally it was my stove. I had to pay $250 to fix it. Very frustrating, but at least now I can do one of my favorite hobbies which is baking :)

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