help my cheesecake please!

  • elfingirl 12 years ago
    I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. When I made it, I thought it was a little dry and very brown on top. It is supposed to cook in a water bath for 90 min, I thought I could reduce the cook temperature by 25 degrees for the last 30 min. to solve the dryness problem.

    Also, during cooking, the cheesecake rose to the top of the pan, but while cooling shrunk down to about 1/2. Is this normal?

    Thank you for your help!!

  • hooksc 12 years ago said:
    Some of my recipes do the shrinking routine. One thing that seems to help; keep your mixer at it's slowest speed. Also, when adding the eggs, try not to run the mixer all the time. This may sound a bit weird, but the more you beat the eggs, more "air" gets in the eggs.This will also occur if you use heavy cream in a recipe. I hope this makes sense for you, and keep trying. All the best, Richard

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