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  • candithecook 13 years ago
    I would like to add a recipe to this group, but I am new to this site and can't figure out how to. Can anyone walk me through the steps? I have a great recipe to add!!
  • peetabear 13 years ago said:
    hi ,, When you look at your recipe ...scroll down and you will see a box where you can add comments.....on the right hand side of that, you will see a box that says... add to group.... click on that .... it will give you a list of the groups you belong to....click on the group you would like to add the recipe to..... the group will then be in the little box.... click on ... add...your recipe will then be included in that group...

    you can add anyone's recipe to a group that you belong to.... it's a nice thing to do if you see recipe that would be perfect in a group that they may not belong to...

    I hope this helps....

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