Easy Recipe

  • rml 15 years ago
    firecapt, you probably already know this one. My Mother used to make this at least once a month.
    She'd get a large pot roast...cheap cut, put it in the crock pot with a rough/chopped onion and let it cook all day. Dinner time, she'd shred the meat and onion, throw in a bottle of whatever barbeque sauce she happened to have, add a dash of hot sauce and serve it on buns with a side of cole slaw. When I make it, I add garlic to the roast. It cooks all day, completely hands free and tastes good. I Love Easy!
  • firecapt 15 years ago said:
    Jeeze that sounds great! My gram would do the same thing, but insert cloves of garlic right into the roast and well, being an Irish lady, she would add potatos and carrots

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