Top Rated Recipes for the best in cooking and gourmet delectibles!

  • neris 12 years ago
    Listed below are my recipe-exchange groups

    Feel free to join a few or ALL!

    I love sharing good recipes..

    Some are ethnic themed, while others are good old homecooking.


    beginner to longtime kitchen artist-we have some for all.

    On all the groups feel free to make requests

    and friends too!

    4SeasonsRecipes -
    Seasonal treats and meals to tantalize!!!!

    The Pastryshop

    For Baking recipes --
    Elegant endings , delectable desserts and kids tummy yummies!

    Asian Cuisine
    Fantastic Far Eastern flavours , fusion recipes and exotic cookery for the beginner.

    Calling all dessert addicts and CHOCOHOLICS!!Want to make homemade treats and gifts

    that awe them?

    Working Nine to 5 ? Meals boring? Need edible inspirations and recipes that work? Join us

    and feel capable and skilled in no time!


    This group is for anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn.

    Here we will share our favorite recipes, new recipes, tip for successful cooking, etc. Our list discusses

    Canadian modern & traditional recipes. For example, recipes will include the French Canadian classics ,foods

    of the Maritimes, Newfoundland, the Prairies, Ontario, British Columbia and the Territories. Learn food trade

    secrets and cooking techniques,, develop friendships, trade recipes and get sound advice from our members.



    Need that "secret recipe" Desiring to cook like a top chef from your fav restaraunt?

    Had a great recipe you just NEED to share? Blue Ribbon recipes for the fair?

    Thats Amore'!!! Love pastas?Adore parmesan,proscuttio and oregano?
    Lets all travel to

    a food destination thats Italian!

    HOHOHO-ready for the Christmas season yet?Neither are we! :}
    A recipe/craft/holiday

    idea sharing list for everything you could possibly need for A Joyous Christmas holiday - appetizers, cakes,

    cocktails, cookies, confectionery, desserts, edible gifts, party food and anything else we can think of.

    Freebies & Recipes

    We share Free daily Recipes , freebies ,sweepstakes and contests,freebie sites and

    more! and family safe holiday-themed cooking collections.Canadians welcomed too! Lots of fun and

    food.Free for those who love to share from their collections and help others who are in need of a great

    cooking suggestion!Fun, sharing and family-safe food-resources.

    A Family Kitchen

    Ready to Cook and cant think of a thing? Need culinary ideas and guidance-seeking delicious creations??

    You just want something easy to make? .We have the fast delectable and easy to make recipes-best on

    the net!

    Top Rated Recipes for the best in cooking and gourmet delectibles!

    TV Cooking
    Recipes from your favorite tv chefs and cooking shows!

    Healthy Cooks
    Learn to cook to save lives-heart healthy, special needs for your diets, and palate pleasing!

    Groups I help out with:

    Mediterranean Food

    Cooking from all over the Mediterranean Region-French, Italian, Greek, Coastal-African.Spanish, and more...


    Baking cookies, pies breads for those family gatherings at Christmas? If so then here is where we can share our stories, crafts, recipes and all those warm fuzzies. lets share our warn fun love filled experiences.

    I'm looking forward to Meeting you soon!


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