Looking forward to being inspired by all these wonderful people and recipes

  • coubay 13 years ago
    HI I am soooo happy to find this group. 3 of my 4 children have Fructose Malabsorption (my youngest child was the first to be diagnosed), and so our diet is very restricted. I am determined that we not miss out on wonderful food, and so have spent just over a year now taking each one of our favourite dishes and researching how to make things from scratch (like curry powder).
    I am a self taught cook as my mother was burnt 3 times helping her mum as a kid and so would not let me even make toast as a teenager. Big wake up call when I had my first child.
    I was quiet a good cook before the FM diagnosis, stirfries being my favourite, but most of the sauces have things in them that are a no no, so now I am on a mission to learn how to make my own Oyseter, Hoy sin, fish sauce, etc.
    I live in Regional Queensland Australia so getting safe foods is hard it is acctually much easier to just try and make things myself or convert.
    Tomorrow I will be attempting fruitless, wheat free hot cross buns. Scarey.
    I tried safe Portuguese style chicken Saturday with some success.
    My safe Curries are a huge hit, no heat but yummy (my kids can have Chillie but my Husband can't, just another juggling act).
    We had Lamb Korma for dinner last night (I used spinache and greens of spring onoin instead of onions to get the right texture to the sauce). LOL have to think out of the box with food.
    My mum is a follow the recipe to the letter person and so refuses to eat anything I cook, since I am constantly just throwing it in and substituting.
    My Husband is from a family of Chef's and so is himself a great cook (lucky me), but due to work he has not had the time to work out conversions, so I work things out and when he has a day off he will get me to show him what I have come up with so he can make it if I am not at home.
    We have lists of safe and unsafe foods everywhere.
    Italian food has been a challenge especially spag bol, (if they have tomato then they loose a serve of fruit for the day), so I use whole tomatoes so they can pick them out and only get the tomato paster in their serve.
    I am looking forward to using my left over pesto with some chicken for dinner tomorrow night.
    We do avoid pasta dishes now since the rice based pasta is soooo expensive so we are mainly having curries LOL.
    Anyway I have rambled enough.
    It really is great to find a group about from scratch it will help me heaps with conversions.
    Thankyou to the person who set it up and to you all who post.

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