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  • coubay 8 years ago
    Hi I found my papers the hubby had put them in a box. so here are the lists
    Safe fruits
    Citris: Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, Cumquat, Lime, Tangelo
    Other: Honeydew melon, Cantelope (rockmelon)(both of these they had assumed would be like watermelon but when they tested them recently they found they were safe),Banana, Passionfruit, Pineapple Kiwifruit, Jackfruit, Rhubarb, Tamarillo, Tomatoe
    The following Fruits due to their overall high sugar conten are safe in small amounts
    Blueberry, Boysenberry, Cranberry, Rasberry, Strawberries, Grapes,Avocado note avoid if sorbitol is a problem or if you are unsure if sorbitol is a problem.
    If you can tolerate Sorbitol then the following are safe
    Apricot, Cherry, Nectarine, blackberry, Peace, Plum, Prunes.
    Marmalade, maple syrup, treacle, golden syrup, rice syrup, peanut butter, jam (in small amounts), vegemite, marmite, promite, aussie mite, mighty mite and vege spread are also safe.
    Safe Vegetable
    Alfalfa, Bamboo shoo, beans only green and yellow, beanshoot, bok choy, capsicum, carrot, celery, chilli, chive, corn, cucumber, eggplant, kohlrabi, lettuce, parsnip, potato, pumkin, Marrow, Silverbeet, Spinach, squash, swede, sweet potato, sweet corn, taro, turnip, waterchestnut, watercress, zucchini.
    The following are safe only if you can tolerate sorbitol:
    Snow Peas
    The following are safe only if you can tolerate manitol:
    cauliflower, mushroom.
    They assumed chives and the green part of spring onions were the same as the rest of the onion family but when they tested these recently they found that chives and the green part only of spring onions are safe. Also they found that if you soak a whole garlic clove in oil or cook it and then remove it from the oil before placing you food in the oil the oil retains the flavour but none of the fructans.
    Now lists of the no no foods.
    High Fructose foods
    Apple, Mango, pear, peach (yellow), sugar snap peas, watermelon, honey, fructose/fructose syrup.
    High fructose load (even if made from safe foods: fruit juice , dried fruit, tinned fruit in natural juice, larges serves of tomato or concentrated sauces.
    Polyols (sorbitol & manitol)
    Apple, apricot, blackberry, cherry, lychee, nashi pears, nectarine, pears, plum/prune, watermelon, avacado, snowpeas, cauliflower, mushroom, artificially sweetened gums/mints, some low sugar products.
    asparagus, articoke (globe 7 jerusalem), beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, fennel, garlic, leek, okra, onion (white, red, shallots, white section of spring onion, and powder), peas, peach(white), watermelon, wheat, rye, chickory root, dandelion tea, inulin/FOS.
    Legumes (chick peas, broad beans, soy beans, black eyed peas, butter beans, lentils, baked beans, kidney beans)
    A serving size is what the person being served can fir in their hand.
    still must have 2 serves of fruit a day and 5 of veg, 5 of breads & cereals, 3-4 of dairy, and 1-2 of meat.
    Lactose intolerant people are not lacking Lactase enzyme they are just low in it. They have found that Lactose Intolerant people can digest up to 4g of lactose at one time. following is a list of lactose containing foods and how much they have as a guide, if going to digest over 4g then take a lacteze tablet. Lactose is in brackets.
    Milk skim 250ml (16g), Evaporated milk 1/2 cup (13g), Milk low fat 250ml (13g), milk regular 250ml (12g), yoghurt low fat 200g tub (9g), yoghurt full cream 200g tub (8g), cheesecake, avg serve 150g 96g), ice cream 2 scoops (6g), custard 1/2 cup (6), chocolate milk/ white 50g 95g) note dark has barely any, cream cheese 1tbsp (3g), milo 1tbsp (2.5g), ricotta 7 cottagte chees 2 tbsp (1g), cram 1tbsp (1g), sour cream 1tsp 91g), white sauces 2tbsp (1g) cakes avg serve 150g (0.5g), butter 1tbsp (0.1g), cheese chedder blue vein brie feta edam gouda swiss bocconcini mozzarella 30g (0.1g).
    I hope this helps many of you get some more variety, it certainly helped us. It made me feel so much better talking to someone that knew what they were talking about, and it was great to have the timeing of attending there just a week or so after they had completed testing a range of foods previously not tested.
    Happy New Year to all
  • coubay 8 years ago said:
    avacado is in the wrong spot and so is the statement after it, these should be listed under if you can tolerate sorbitol section.
  • coubay 8 years ago said:
    coconut milk and cream is safe also
  • bern 8 years ago said:
    Hi there,
    thanks for the info - especially interested in the coconut milk/cream as i was missing these in my asian cooking! Where did you get this information about the recent testing?
    Great group! hope I can contribute some recipes at some stage.
  • coubay 8 years ago said:
    I was so sick of being told by every single specialist and dietician I went to locally that I knew more then them, when I needed advice on sooo many food items, that I waited for Jetstar to have a sale and got airfares for the whole family from Brisbane to Melbourne cheap and we stayed with relatives so we could go to Sue Shepherd's clinic Shepherd works. I had great timing as they had just finished the most recent testing (to the point that the lists they had published only 2 weeks before I got there still needed hand written corrections done. It was a amazing feeling of relief to speak to someone face to face that knew all there was to know about FructMal. I recommend going. We had to go into debt to do it but it is sooo worth it. They told us that from now on they will to phone consults for him every 6 months to keep track.
    I posted the lists here as one of our fellow foodies here asked me the first day I posted recipes for more info on safe and unsafe foods so they can look through their recipes and find safe ones how nice is that.
    Shepherd Works said they test so many foods at a time (at Monash University working with Box HIll Hospital and Shepherd Workds) and it of course is taking time to test things, so they update lists all the time. The list I was given by the dietician locally was 15 years old.
    I have handed copies to my local GP and when my son has his next check up at the local dietician she will be given a copy to and so will the ignorant pediatrician that says if she hasn't heard of it then it doesn't exist.
    I am sure you have had similar frustraing experiences as we all seem to of had.
    Best of Luck
  • coubay 8 years ago said:
    The fee they charged was $125au and is claimable on some private health insurance extras [not mine found out after :( ].
    They are not actually at Box Hill hospital but down the road in a house converted into a clinic.
    They specialise in all intolerances a celiac as Sue Shepherd herself is a celiac sufferer.
    The recipe books have some wonderful recipes in but a few of the recipes are not Fructose Friendly despite what the cover says.
    about 80% are safe though by my estimate.
  • coubay 8 years ago said:
    HI all just thought I should add for the new members,
    Brown rice and brown rice products such as brown rice flour and rice thins are fructans, they make my boy very sick worse than if he were to eat a apple.
    Spelt is safe in bread, but not in pasta as the cooking process for pasta changes the fructan chain making it easier to break down and so can make you sick.
    Some people are very good at breaking down fructan chains and so for these people even the long chains in spelt may make them sick so it is best to try spelt bread and see how you go.
    For us it is safe and is our life saver as my sone hates gluten free bread, I am now making a loaf of spelt bread a day for the whole family and on special occasions I make sourdough spelt.
    I bought a top of the range breadmaker for it as I figured making that much bread it was worth it, and it really has been.
  • macocha 7 years ago said:
    Do you have Udi bread there? My son has celiac and loves ALL Udi products and claim it is better than "regular" bread.

    Thanks for the list!
  • magenta73 3 years ago said:
    Thankyou Coubay, I have been unwell for sooò long... finally after some breath testing from stream diagnostics they found sorbitol seems to be the problem... I just read your list of good and bad foods and this helps alot .. thankyou. ..
    Im still very confused and food is becoming a nightmare.. just want to feel well and have some quality of life... ive forgotten how that feels😞😞
  • magenta73 3 years ago said:
    Do you know if nuts are ok and which sugar is safe if any at all?☺

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