Can you freeze a cheese strata?

  • barbiemensher 8 years ago
    Swatez 1 hour, 26 minutes ago said:
    Hi, If I make Cheese Strata can I freeze it? It's buttered bread and cheese layered with egg and milk mixture poured over it? Thanks
  • barbiemensher 8 years ago said:
    mystic_river1 14 hours, 7 minutes ago said:
    I would say no on the strata for freezing. But I really do not know.

    Hey swatez.
    I looked around online yesterday and found many people asking the same question. Quiche freezes well enough but the consensus on strata is that the moisture would leach out of the bread during the freezing process leaving a rather dried-out end product.
    I say try it anyway and see what happens. And when you finally have the answer, let us all know!
  • gelfling545 7 years ago said:
    Do not freeze. I have tried this and the result was awful: soggy & rubbery.
  • windella 7 years ago said:
    i would agree,don't freeze.Frozen cheese is soggy and yucky!

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