Freezing bananas

  • szq 10 years ago
    This sounds silly but someone once told me you could freeze bananas. I know that you can but do you take it out of the peel, mash then freeze or do you just ziploc it with the peel? I'm just asking because I get alot of leftover bananas. Sometimes the kids will eat them all and want more, then other times they won't touch them. Hate to ALWAYS make banana bread everytime.
  • pointsevenout 10 years ago said:
    I wait for the brown sugar spots to form on the peel before freezing my bananas.
    Peel them quarter them and bag them. Or you can slice them up into even smaller rounds.

    I use them in my shakes instead of having to use ice. And they make a nice creamy cold snack all by themselves. Pop a small frozen banana round in your mouth and suck on it. If you are going to need them mashed you can defrost them first and get a bonus of sweet banana syrup in the process.
  • queenmidge 10 years ago said:
    i take my over ripe bananas , 3 whole and beat them to a messy pulp with my hand mixer . then pour the glop in a container and freeze . i only use this for banana bread so you may not find it useful .

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