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  • hamichal 13 years ago
    Hello all. Please post here your grill and BBQ recipes. I´ll prepare and post what I made so far (however Czech Republic is still not so advanced in grilling and BBQ parties :) ...)

  • ronnymarcus 13 years ago said:
    Hi Michal ! Don't worry, We'll bring you up to date. Ronny
  • cabincrazyone 13 years ago said:
    Hi, May I join this group. I guess I did.
    I am an old fart who prefers charcoal to gas. I love to watch the carcinogens drip from the meat onto the coals, then watch the smoke waft up onto the meat. You can't beat the flavor.
    I use an old hibachi, and keep the process simple. Most of the time my wife and I split a large porterhouse. I like to try new sauces on chicken and ribs. I'll post here, the recipes I have on my foodie page.
  • ronnymarcus 13 years ago said:
    Hey! cabincrazyone . I only use coals. Save your lemon peels after squeezing the lemons and throw 'em onto the hot coals for that extra aroma. Also spices that have passed their "sell by" date.
  • pleclare 13 years ago said:
    Hi Hamichal!
    Thanks for the invite. Glad to help with barbecue ideas. We do cook on a gas grill.

    By the way,I am half Czech on my Dad's side.

    Sure we will see some good recipes in this group!

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