Message For The Creator Kristopher ~ I Hope That You'll Respond

  • kingofallassholes 4 years ago
    Kristopher, I wasn't going to come back on here at all.What I would like to know.Could you "PLEASE" take the time out of your busy schedule and close my account?Thank you very much
    All the recipes that I had on my page all has N/A.So please get my page off.
  • kingofallassholes 4 years ago said:
    You other people "PLEASE" don't respond.
  • grumpymomma 4 years ago said:
    Kristopher, could you as well take me off this site.I did the same thing on my recipes that I had posted with the N/A.Please take me off this site now.I'm not even on here.
  • cookingandbakingqueen 4 years ago said:
    Kristopher, I as well would like for you to delete my page as well.I had added the N/A on the posts.I personally "DON'T" feel right here on this site.Too many people who left rude comments on my mom's (sandygalesmith) page and they shouldn't be here at all.So could you do me a favor and delete my mom's page "PLEASE".I want to let you know that I no longer have the email address that's on my page.You can email it if you want and you won't have no luck at all.

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