• divaliscious 13 years ago
    Please join in and share your favorite potato dishes and recipes...and share any growing tips too, heck why the spud not?

    I love potatoes, and even had a dream about curly fries just this morning (seriously I did) so here I am creating a group made specifically for sharing your spudlicious recipes...:-P

    Leah from Divaliscious
  • pleclare 13 years ago said:
    Thanks for the invite,sounds like a fun group!
  • coffeebean53 13 years ago said:
    I'm in!!! Sounds like a great group :)
  • bakermama 13 years ago said:
    this group was made for me! i could live on potatoes!! i just added the hashbrown cassarole to the group check it out its so amazing and easy to make!

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