Gravy or sauce???

  • bozobus 12 years ago
    Gravy or sauce? Or is that just a Philly thing?
    If you know what I'm talking about. Check this book out. Very funny with some great basic recipes.
    By Lorrine Ranalli
  • laurieg 12 years ago said:
    Gravy!!! Although I am not technically italian I have been with my Sicillian Husband for 24 years and his mother taught me to cook....Gravy..
  • pleclare 12 years ago said:
    Sauce,I was used to it being sauce before my Italian step-mother joined the family. She calls it gravy!
  • grecogirl 11 years ago said:
    It's gravy to most Italians. Everyone else I know it's sauce or marinara.
  • jjonz 11 years ago said:
    My ex-in-laws were from Italy and they called it Gravy as well. At the time the were living in New York.

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