Books on Mushrooms

  • invisiblechef 15 years ago
    Here are a few I've read, I mostly am into learning more about Chanterelles but in reading these three books have learned a lot about different varieties and seasons, also there are some great recipes! and photos, especially in the book by Carluccio.

    Here is one just on Morels, called The Curious Morel. Mushroom Hunters' Recipes, Lore & Advice by Larry Lonik. No colored photos in this one.

    Unlike these two, which contain great photos. My favorite book by far is this one called The Complete Mushroom Book ( The Quiet Hunt) written by Antonio Carluccio, this book is all about wild and cultivated varieties of mushrooms along with beautiful illustrations and field guides. This is the one I'm buying, the books here I'm mentioning I have checked out on and off through my library.

    Last is a book called Mushrooms, and it's full of mushroom recipes that have been presented by famous chefs from around the world.

    If anyone knows of a book just on the topic of Chanterelles that would be great.

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