All About Strawberry Shortcakes

  • thepiggs 12 years ago
    There are some good tips on this cooking page.
    Exerpt and link follow:

    All About Strawberry Shortcakes

    Strawberry shortcake may be a 200 year-old American invention. With the advent of chemical leavenings in the early 1800’s, biscuits became popular. Since strawberries have always been readily available, it is likely that biscuits and strawberries have been together for quite some time. Before the middle of that century, strawberry shortcake recipes were showing up in the recipe books.

    Today strawberry shortcakes are made from every recipe from biscuits to white cake and even angel food cakes but the original recipes always called for biscuits. Usually these biscuits are made richer with dairy products and sugar. This is an original biscuit-like shortcake. It is rich and tender and flaky and very, very good.

    Recipe courtesy of The Prepared Pantry. Republished from The Baker’s Library with permission
  • debra47 12 years ago said:
    Fascinating information about strawberry shortcakes! I for one have never made them. Funny how we all have our standard recipes or tendencies to make a specific type of dessert. I will check out the recipe.
  • zena824 11 years ago said:
    I need to add my Irish tea cake to this group... its almost like a shortcake...
    Ive grown to love tea cakes and shortcakes .... they are so good......they are so much better than the ones you can buy in the stores...

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