Friday, October 30th!

  • chuckieb 4 weeks ago
    Good Morning Everyone! Happy Friday! There's some blue sky and sunshine out there which is most lovely to see! Jim and I are going to run in to town after breakfast and do some errands.

    I'm thinking of making Quiche for dinner tonight if I don't spot anything else that speaks to me when I'm at the grocery store.

    I feel primed for the weekend since my house is all nice and clean and I'm all decorated for Halloween. :) Thanks for the compliments on that yesterday. I love Halloween and miss having young ones around so I can do it up right.

    Nice on the comfort food chicken dinner last night Karen! Can you refresh my memory about what happened to Mauser?

    Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday!
  • LindaLMT 4 weeks ago said:
    Good Morning Everyone.

    Not much going on here. Doing laundry at the moment.
    I've been in the mood for something 'bready' in the morning and have my sites set on a Swedish Tea Ring so will get the dough started for it. I've never made one but it looks easy enough, just a little time consuming but I'm not doing much today so I have time.

    I too love Halloween but don't decorate and we don't have kids that come for candy. Not like how it was when I was growing up. We'd venture out and collect candy for hours and would still be eating it when Christmas rolled around, LOL!

    No clue for dinner tonight but I'll think of something soon enough. Quiche does sound good and I should make one soon. Just need a few ingredients to make one I'd like.
  • MissouriFarmWife 4 weeks ago said:
    Good morning. Thought since I was home for a change in the morning it woudl be a good time write my novella - ha ha.

    Janet, quiche sounds perfect! Mauser had some sort of infection, had a fever, and was throwing up 6 to 7 times a day. She is impossible to medicate. So we had three trips to the vet and three shots. She is much better and not contagious to the others. She HATES confinement and tried to tear the steel crate (about 3 by 4 foot measurements) apart -- moved litter box all over the cage -- buried her food and water dishes under the blanket so we had to remove it. She was fed boiled chicken in broth, and has been demanding it ever since she was released -- ha ha!

    We don't have kids trick or treating either, Linda. The little ones in cute costumes are so funny to watch, but i get irritated at almost-full grown teens being obnoxious and rude. (Sort of a Halloween grinch, I guess.) I am not a fan of Halloween, at least not the gore etc. We always brought our pets inside to avoid the chance of harm. Have you seen your raccoon lately? Walnut tea ring sounds yummy. I don't do yeast bread any more but it sounds almost good enough to try using yeast again!

    The guys are working on the new deer hut and then will go get the metal for the roof.

    Armadillo # 4 was seen last night. They are destructive and ruin the ground / lawn / pasture by excessive digging. I like and tolerate most critters buy this one best tread lightly and avoid the yard and pasture.

    AC is in the in-out-in-out-in mode. He gets chilled (45 F) and wants in, forgets it is coolish outside and wants in. Trouble and Mel are asleep on the needs-to-be replaced cat condo. Mauser is dozing on top of the dog crate. Fritz is sound asleep in Wayne's recliner. Crazy animals.
  • LindaLMT 4 weeks ago said:
    Oh boy Karen, I remember Mauser needing medicine but hadn't realized she had to be quarantined for so long. I can just imagine how mad she was.

    Rocket the raccoon comes every night for her sandwich. I make a 3 tiered peanut butter sandwich that I stuff with whatever scraps of protein I have leftover or scraps from trimmings or dry dog food. This way she can carry it away. She must have kicked the kids to the curb because the four she brought out with her that one time don't come with her and I doubt they are still nesting.

    I don't do a lot of baking anymore but have been wanting something and not something quick bread. The tea ring was easy enough to make with the stand mixer and the dough is nice to work with. It's filled and cut and on it's second rise ready to bake in about 1/2 hour.

    Wow that you have armadillos. We have them here and I'll see one now and again but not often. They are destructive diggers and not ideal to have damaging a pasture where farm animals are.

    Sounds like all the critters (except AC) are in their 'peace' zone.
  • LindaLMT 4 weeks ago said:
    My Swedish Tea Ring is finished baking and the house smells incredible! It's still warm so I can't glaze just yet but I couldn't help myself and cut a piece off to sample and it's perfect, exactly what I was wanting. I'll wait for it to cool completely and then drizzle with glaze. It baked quick too, I pulled it out in 15 minutes, the recipe said between 20-30 minutes. Thank goodness I was watching even though I set the timer for 20 minutes.
  • MissouriFarmWife 4 weeks ago said:
    I saw the picture on Facebook, Linda. It looks yummy for sure.

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