Seasoning/Spice resources

  • bigdog 8 years ago
    Many things cooked outdoors require some sort of seasoning. What is your go to resource for seasonings and spices? What are some of your favorite choices? Do you have any secret recipes you are willing to share, or perhaps renditions of your secret recipe? My favorite place to shop for seasonings/spices/etc. is Penzey's. There is a store nearby so I am fortunate enough to be able to get them quickly, but they are also available at if you are interested in checking it out for yourself. They also have a number of recipes which of course use their spices, seasonings, etc. The couple I have tried are fabulous! No, I do not work for them so I get no benefit from promoting them here. The benefit is all yours in tasting their fabulous offerings!
  • dugger 6 years ago said:
    Good note. And a good thought. I buy spices as I need them and they are not cheap. I usually get them at "Pauls" which is a local store. Then I may revert to "Krogers" which is nearby. As for recipes, I have over 100 of them and many are listed for grilling ribs, which are a favorite for us, and other outdoor cooking skills.

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