South African in Italy

  • nemo 16 years ago
    Hi guys!
    Just a little note to tell you why I started this group:

    I was born and raised in South Africa, my mom is Italian and dad and his whole family for many generations were born and raised in South Africa. We are the first to exit the country returning to Italy to be near mom's family, the whole of dad's family is still in SA and we are missing the people and food so much!

    I have come across a bunch of South Africans on here already and thought it would be a cool idea to group our typically South African recipes in one easy to find place ;)

    So join in the fun and add up any of your favorite SA meals or treats!

    Thanks!! ^_^
  • berry 16 years ago said:
    Well... I don't know too much from your food and culture... so, this is a perfect group to do it!

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