• simplyanna 11 years ago
    HELLO,Hope everybody doing good.Hello Linebb,thanks for the invite.I need all the shortcuts I can get.Just to say when I searched for a shortcut group the search came back saying be a hero create one ..none found. Today I searched and found you guys.I like both groups,mine is for the whole house ,life,and cooking.So its is diffent.Glad you join the other too.We need all the shortcuts we can get these days.
  • linebb956 11 years ago said:
    Sorry Anna... these threads and groups get buried and I miss them....
    Don't worry if the groups are alike or not.. glad to have you here... to bad Kris could not join mine to yours... !!! We had the same idea... Easy... And I like easy!

    I don't cook like a chef every day...

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