BBQ Beef Brisket

  • tommyh 13 years ago
    Beef brisket preparation and BBQ`ing
  • tommyh 13 years ago said:
    I had a lot of pork BBQ,but I always wanted to try Beef Brisket since I had heard so much about it.Problem was,no place within 75 miles had it.I read up on it,and went looking for my first beef brisket.
    I went to Wal-Mart for my 1st.
    I went home and trimmed most of the fat from it.I had a rub recipe I gathered from the internet and we made the rub up the night before we was to cook it.Then I wrapped it in celophane wrap and set it in the frig.
    early the next morning,I lit my smoker.I have a lot of smokers and grills.This one is a Brinkman with a offset fire box.The fire is set off to the side of the meat and not directly under it.This is called indirect heat.
    The plan was to smoke it at 250 degrees until the inside temp of the brisket was 190-195 degrees.The brisket,even with the fat trimmed off,has one side with a "fat cap" about 1/4 inch thing.I laid the brisket on the smoker with the "fat cap up."I tried to keep the temp around 250 in the area where the brisket was.Later on I have boosted it up to 350 when using indirect heat.Hours later,the internal temp was right.195.
    It looked like a piece of meteorite that had fell out of the sky.It was coal black,but not burnt.The outside "crust or bark" was soft.
    I had read we have ot be careful how we slice it,to be sure to cut it directly across the grain,and to slice it 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.
    So,I did,and with the first slice,the juice flowed out.It urned out great ,and with a really good taste.The smoke ring was pretty on the brisket too.
    Everyone loved it,and from that time on,pork BBQ has never been the same for us.I hope to post the rub recipe,and to post some pics of some brisket cookings we have done.

  • aussie_meat_pie 13 years ago said:
    Sounds good and can't wait to see the pics....
  • rhianna 13 years ago said:
    Nice description. Will look for the rub.

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